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a disposition to feel that anything less than perfect is unacceptable

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Positive forms of perfectionism include setting high personal standards, having high but achievable goals, a strong desire to excel, and enhanced levels of motivation.
You don't want to lower your standards completely, but you do need to channel the power of your perfectionism.
In the first part of the paper, I examine Stanley Cavell's suggestion put forward in his Carus Lectures of 1988 that Beckett's play can be read as a work which embodies and develops the idea of Emersonian moral perfectionism (1990, 3).
Rather than let the demon of perfectionism straitjacket you, leap into action
Oops, I thought that there was already a Centre for Excellence which presumably is already focused on perfectionism through skills acquisition and knowledge application.
This study was designed to explore the experiences of two groups of participants who had high scores on the positive dimensions of perfectionism (high standards) but who differed on a measure of worry.
The last urban row happened with "Cosmos" owned by MP Fijat Canoski, who added one meter plus in his complex and in the urban perfectionism this equals crime.
This study investigated the interrelationships between perceptions of religious dysfunctional perfectionism (RDP) and family of origin qualities in a sample of religiously active Australian first-year Psychology students at the University of Sydney.
medical director at Timberline Knolls, the prevalence of eating disorders in female athletes occurs at an even higher rate than the general population, and can be spurned by denial, perfectionism and psychosexual implications.
It focuses on helping people cope with their eating disorder by also tackling a range of common traits, such as low self-esteem and quest for perfectionism.
A mother's 'style' influences adults lifelong: THE MOTHER FACTOR illustrates these common styles, from perfectionism and best friends to the 'me first' mother, and illustrates combinations of traits in showing how adults can transcend the underlying messages to achieve mental health.
However, perfectionism places unrealistic demands on, and produces debilitating emotional and practical outcomes for, both the individual and for the organisation as a whole (Rice, Vergara, Aldea, 2004).
Through moral perfectionism the search for truth is to be seen, in the words of Cavell, as a process of becoming remarried to our world.