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capable of becoming or being made perfect

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As I note at the end of this essay, federalism may not be perfect, but it is far more perfectible than it once was.
Las correspondencias entre el mundo perfectible y el pueblo como agente de la restauracion politica de la monarquia cobran, asi, todo su protagonismo.
That is to say, that it constitutes a sure reference, recognized by both sides, even though it is always perfectible and oriented toward a richer and more complete understanding of the message of the gospel (no.
NOVELS ARE THE least perfectible of literary forms, and Back to Blood is no exception to the genre.
Nevertheless, apart from these perfectible flaws, the book undoubtedly remains an essential introductory text for newcomers and a reference text for Japanese specialists.
Perfectible dans le jeu au pied mais capable des plus grands exploits sur sa ligne, - "un des meilleurs du championnat dans ce domaine", pour Christophe Gardie, l'entraEneur des gardiens toulousains -, Ahamada semble plus que jamais en mesure de perpetuer la longue tradition des gardiens de haut niveau qui ont evolue au TFC, apres Bergeroo, Barthez, Revault, Douchez ou Carrasso.
The unconstrained view holds that humans are perfectible creatures sullied only by their flawed social environments.
On this thin line between inclusion and tolerance, then, lie the seeds of a nonutopian sacred urbanism, celebrating and building on everyday ordinary life with little pretence of a perfectible future.
They show through psychological, economic and sociological research how the normative ideal of perfect rationality is making room for a more sustainable ideal of a perfectible but never quite perfect self-regulating rationality that is aware of its own incompleteness and able to face uncertainty.
In the end, The Better Nature of Our Angels should be greeted as an opportunity for further evaluation of our distressed but perfectible humanity.
To the extent that a material object is perfectible, these last metal planks and plinths were perfect--their surfaces flawless.
Nothing we did could get him to open the door the roof was coming down he's driving us somewhere but where the light fits like a door kicked in the head on a shoestring right to do its worst and make the best of you, sitting at the back to be alone so that in the wet graphics spraying out the spoils of the grave a dead friend in shreds gladly climbs and with growling stomach and powdered flower roots to snort in dust steps on the podium of odium to trill this elegy: I have a dream of every man I ate in - all my life, I and after that refreshment no zombie can pick his teeth, / but better learn to live with what he's got and what he's not, / and make both tolerances perfectible.
Compartimos la postura epistemologica esgrimida por von Glasersfeld (1991) que considera a toda estrategia como una teoria siempre inadecuada (pues no tenemos modo de comprobar su correspondencia con algo real) y siempre perfectible en su encaje respecto de nuestras construcciones cognitivas.
The viewer begins to wonder if what follows, analogously, is Peppino's point of view, as he begins to see the living bodies around him as perfectible according to his desire.