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the capability of becoming perfect

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Apparently, the next stage in human perfectibility will require us to give up independent thinking and judgment altogether.
While one would seem concerned with the abject and the other with the exalted, one with a gross materiality and the other with an abstract ideal, in Cleere's rendering the sanitary and the aesthetic are natural bedfellows, with a number of ideological and philosophical commonalities: both are concerned with sensory experience, especially the visual and the olfactory; both look to the possibility of formal perfectibility. Indeed, her book suggests that a closer look at the period's fictions, debates, and controversies reveals the numerous occasions on which the sanitary and the aesthetic were in "conversation" throughout the century (10).
Houston calls attention to the simultaneous preoccupation of utopian writings with their own literary form and with the imagined social forms of the societies they portray, charting their development from dialogue/travel narrative to their employment of multiple forms, an evolving "discourse of human perfectibility" aimed at perfecting the forms of society.
Porter's theme is the puritan doctrine of human perfectibility and progressive economic, social and somatic models it spawned.
Thus, the premise of an "occult enlightenment" is not as oxymoronic as it might first appear, Monod argues; sometimes one might even think of it as a "super-Enlightenment," extending the ideas of human perfectibility "beyond the limits of rationale understanding" (263).
The Drunk series, (editioned c-prints 2013) framed reproductions of youthful alcohol-fueled binges, are images without substance that dispel hope in acculturation and undermine Enlightenment thought regarding human perfectibility. The photos of adolescents passed out with their heads and bodies graffitied are as absurd as the gesture of exhibiting them as art.
The audience has been so indoctrinated in the cult of perfectibility that the concept of the "perfect" has become almost meaningless.
Perfectibility, not perfection, is the teleological ethic" (p.
(3) At the heart of Political Justice lies Godwin's dual conviction that "man is perfectible, or in other words susceptible of perpetual improvement," and that a universal principle of justice supersedes "the shrine of positive law and political institution." (4) Where perfectibility names a diachronic principle of gradual progression through which an individual casts aside his or her dependency on institutions, justice synchronically grounds this movement towards a society in which "immutable reason is the true legislator" (PJ 1798, 1:221).
At heart Laffoley is a believer in a 19th century concept of progress, "perfectibility," a mass enlightenment for all with no "holiarchies, hierarchies, or heteroarchies." Laffoley writes about Utopic Space, which "has no natural directions such as those associated with Cartesian coordinates.
Here, however, Rousseau's representation of the animal/human relation contains obscurities, centered on the meaning of key faculties including liberty and perfectibility, whose significance has disconcerted the commentators.
The first four chapter focus on Rousseau's Discourse on Inequality and considers Rousseau's conception of nature and society as a discursive construct, human perfectibility and lack, antagonism and social cohesion, democracy as an ethos.
"The 'harm narrative' that may come to command greater support in different parts of the world tends towards a negative utopianism--to the aspirations to see an end to particular systems of domination, oppression and exploitation rather than to try and breathe new life into one of the discredited visions of human reconciliation that depended on a naive faith in perfectibility" (p.