perfect pitch

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the ability to identify the pitch of a tone

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Imagine a customer service agent taking several calls at once while maintaining the perfect pitch every time.
Founded in 2006, Perfect Pitch is a not-for-profit theatre company that nurtures and develops emerging British writers of original musicals and creates opportunities for production in collaboration with commissioning partners across the UK.
On a test of 36 different notes, incredibly 74% of the kids who spoke an East Asian language had perfect pitch while only 14% of the English speakers did.
She's taken part in research to find out why a high proportion of blind, premature babies go on to develop perfect pitch, but believes her hearing simply developed more to compensate for her lack of sight.
Washington, June 12 ( ANI ): A new study suggests that people who think they have perfect pitch may not be as in tune as they think.
Any young reader interested in Willie Mays but new to his achievements will find this a perfect pitch for his abilities and lasting contributions to the sport.
Summary: The shoulder is a combination of four joints that along with tendons and muscles allows a wide range of movement in the arm -- from scratching your back to throwing the perfect pitch.
If your first thought after being woken up one early morning by your neighbor operating a loud lawnmower is that the machine sounds like an A-sharp, you might have perfect pitch.
Glyn George, co-owner of the Heritage Coast Campsite with his wife Philippa, said: "In these difficult economic times the Perfect Pitch is going to have a positive impact on struggling rural communities, creating employment opportunities and attracting visitor spend in the area.
1 WHILE most games were postponed due to weather conditions, Fleet, with the help of Southlands Leisure Centre's new 3G pitches, enjoyed perfect pitch conditions against Grangetown and both teams played exceptional football throughout the whole game.
Vasily Petrenko brought the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to play in the Perfect Pitch concert - billed as one of Wirral's biggest cultural events this year.
The ground staff have worked ever so hard to try and get us a perfect pitch over the past few years.
You have a perfect pitch, a great stadium and fantastic fans.
The few who are born with perfect pitch say notes have a concrete identity and presence, almost like colors, and being able to intuitively recognize them gives music an almost three-dimensional quality.
But what was the perfect pitch in early 2008's real estate market now seems inappropriate.