perfect gas

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a hypothetical gas with molecules of negligible size that exert no intermolecular forces


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Readers should have background in basic shock wave concepts, including the equations for an oblique shock in a steady flow of a perfect gas.
The pressure [DELTA]p(t) inside the thermoplastic preform is closely related to the internal volume of the membrane via the perfect gas thermodynamic law [10] (Fig.
He details, for instance, how a person on the ground can measure the height of a tall building and how Boyle's law defines the relationship of volume and pressure for a perfect gas.
One could have R = 1 with the dimension zero by definition of T read on a perfect gas thermometer.
The Xturion Hybrix's ultra-high purity construction makes it a perfect gas source solution for the semiconductor, nanotechnology, R&D, LED and photovoltaic markets.