perfect game

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a game in which a pitcher does not allow any opposing player to reach base

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There may be a perfect game ball stashed somewhere, but Tuiskala is not counting on it.
The lefty said her teammates didn't jinx her perfect game, but they did give her a pep talk after her home run-robbing gaffe.
Anyone looking for a supernatural thriller that is unpredictable and engrossing will find The Perfect Game a satisfyingly complex read.
Year after year I am impressed with the extraordinary high school talent this All American Baseball Classic brings to the forefront of the baseball world," said Jerry Ford , President of Perfect Game .
Even if I got a perfect game today," he said, "it's not going to translate to three or five wins.
Roy Halladay, who pitched the second perfect game earlier this season and the 20th in Major League Baseball, started for the Phillies and was also spectacular, pitching nine innings for five hits, one walk and nine strikeouts.
It was a perfect game against the best team in the league at the time.
His immaculate outing was the only perfect game in the entire competition, although it was the eighth of his career.
Weaver had a perfect game for five innings and carried a no-hitter for 6 2/3 innings.
Those not familiar with the perfect game learn that it's one in which a pitcher faces 27 batters over 9 innings (three per inning, the minimum) and retires them all without a walk, a hit or an error.
It was a perfect game, the perfect game, played for perfect reasons and now it is a hybrid played for money.
DON LARSEN, when asked what he could possibly do to improve on the perfect game he pitched against the Dodgers in the 1956 World Series: "Pitch two imperfect one-hit games.
DAVID CONE pitched a perfect game as the New York Yankees beat Montreal 6-0 yesterday.
Playwright John Grissmer's musical play, The Perfect Game - Jim Naismith Invents Basketball, the only production honoring basketball's inventor, debuts in Florida February 21-23, 2013.
When Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez hurled a 1-0 perfect game on Wednesday afternoon against the Tampa Bay Rays, it marked only the 23rd time since 1880 that a major league pitcher has retired all 27 batters he has faced.