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Synonyms for peregrine

a widely distributed falcon formerly used in falconry


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There have been peregrines nesting on man-made structures for as long as we can remember," says Bill Burnham, president of the Peregrine Fund, the organization that initiated the recovery effort 30 years ago.
Other organizations monitor their peregrines via closed-circuit TV.
The delight humans seem to take in accommodating peregrines is crucial to the birds' survival.
Insects ingest DDT, then are fed on by small birds, which in turn are consumed by peregrines.
The American peregrine falcon may be nature's most audacious sky hunter.
Now, 30 years of scientific research and controlled breeding have saved the peregrine falcon from the brink of extinction.
Peregrines seek private, high, out-of-the-way homes for nesting, mating and pursuing their prey.
Two Peregrine falcon chicks born last month at Minnesota Power's Boswell Energy Center are scheduled to be banded Monday, June 9 at the Cohasset plant near Grand Rapids.
The Science Center of Connecticut, the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and Travelers Property Casualty have once again collaborated to present Peregrine Watch at Travelers Tower.
Peregrine Watch at Travelers Tower, hosted by Travelers at falconcam.