peregrine falcon

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a widely distributed falcon formerly used in falconry

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Because they are a keystone species, peregrine falcons serve as a long-term vital sign that helps biologists monitor the overall health of the ecosystem and detect trends, including levels of contaminants.
Since 1997, countless peregrine falcons have been born on a ledge off the 15th floor of the Rachel Carson State Office Building in Harrisburg.
Starving during the winter is still a very real possibility for Pacific dunlins, but they can no longer rest easy now that peregrine falcons are around.
We go and fly peregrine falcons at the schools during break times.
The contaminant monitoring program in Region 7 has been one of the most thorough ever, even for a species as well studied as the peregrine falcon.
Due in part to its special connection with falcons, the Air Force has worked with the Service since the early 1980s to minimize or eliminate impacts of Air Force activities on the American peregrine falcon in Alaska.
Cut out a black paper silhouette of a peregrine falcon.
That's how the Peregrine Falcon Release Program got started.
The peregrine falcon continues to be listed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission as an Endangered Species on the state level but was removed from the federal Endangered Species List 1999.
A peregrine falcon found dead in a quarry in North Wales earlier this year was poisoned with legally-bought rodenticide, tests have confirmed.
BIRMINGHAM'S 500 feet BT tower has welcomed a high-flying newcomer - a peregrine falcon chick.
Prof Bruford said: "For the peregrine falcon, we can consider it a bit like an ambush predator.
I REFER to the article "Peregrine falcons 'persecuted' on moors" (The Journal, November 19) which is based on recently published research that looked into the impact of grouse moor management on peregrine falcon populations.