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traveling or wandering around

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Et voici notre conteuse Veronique Lagny Delatour, revenue comme une promesse tenue et honoree aupres de celles et ceux qui l'ont accompagnee dans ses peregrinations patrimoniales et dont les fruits sont d'autres livres de contes.
Other complex aspects of Tibetan history such as the precise location of the sites where the early royal court travelled on its annual peregrinations between the 7th and 8th centuries AD (Map 14) is of inestimable use and the graphic mapping of this complex of sites is a highly useful revelation, saving constant reference to unwieldy texts.
Un regard bienveillant n'est pas un genou a terre ni une capitulation ni un abandon de soi au gre de tes peregrinations.
Although Gessens background makes her "an ideal author for this story"--her understanding of Russian history provides "resonance and weight to the sections of this book devoted to the Tsarnaev family's peregrinations in that region" (New York Times)--The Brothers ultimately reveals little that is not already known about Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
The restaurant's summer menu has been powered entirely by Rana,who has ensured that the original Indian Accent continues to be the way it is,unaffected by the senior Mehrotra's global peregrinations.
Gazing at Baldwins black-and-white picture, the author's mind wanders and takes us into Baldwins life and peregrinations.
The artists featured in this exhibition paid tribute to water throughout their peregrinations, from the English Channel to the Mediterranean, from the Atlantic seaboard to the shores of the Windward Islands.
OR-7, the wayfaring wolf from Northeast Oregon, drew a vast audience during his peregrinations.
During Cabeza de Vaca's peregrinations through the American Southwest, he lived among and interacted with various Indian groups.
When I was younger my peregrinations seemed design.
De ces multiples peregrinations, son epouse retient l'image d'un grand homme "qui aimait son Roi, pour la Haute sollicitude dont le Souverain entoure les artistes, son pays d'origine et le peuple marocain", dira-t-elle dans une declaration a la MAP.
This framework for Usle's show called attention not only to the peregrinations of his life but to his paintings' formal language of visibility and occlusion, enacted through shifting planes of layers, colors, textures, and overlapping pictorial motifs.
With one exception, that of an anglophone Quebec family whose peregrinations extend across some four generations, these arrivals occurred in various streams from immediately post World War II to the Balkan crisis of the 1990s.
This was the start of my peregrinations around the world.
But so diverse and numerous are the huge, old specimens towering over streets, squares and parks, they constitute part of the city's heritage; harking back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when it was the fashion for wealthy world travellers to bring back samples from their peregrinations.