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traveling or wandering around

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This cloth rag displays a design that is in fact a photographic imprint of the scenery or backdrop that Morgan clicked during one of his peregrinations.
The Khayrallah Prize considers visual art, written work, performances, and work in "electronic medium," honoring original work thatcaptures "the experiences of Lebaneseimmigrants, their relationship to Lebanon and their new homes, and their communities and peregrinations.
Regardless of one's peregrinations, however, one lesson is clear: Only with a proper sense of history can a nation move from the tragedies of its past and pursue a better future.
S'inspirant de ses peregrinations en Europe, en Afrique et en Amerique latine, l'artiste, tout en realisant quelques œuvres pastorales, peint le quotidien des paysans et leurs lieux de vie, dans une agreable atmosphere decrivant la diversite des reliefs dans des environnements differents.
His peregrinations across twenty-eight states and six provinces in search of exotic species took him to a hoarfrost-covered forest in Massachusetts to find a Fieldfare; to Lake Havasu, Arizona, to see a rare Nutting's Flycatcher; and to Vancouver for the Red-flanked Bluetail.
The restaurant's summer menu has been powered entirely by Rana,who has ensured that the original Indian Accent continues to be the way it is,unaffected by the senior Mehrotra's global peregrinations.
Les deux volets de cette edition, le forum et les spectacles, se declineront au rythme de l'evocation des peregrinations et des oeuvres emblematiques que furent celles de Hassan Wazzan et de Sidi Ahmed Tijani, fondateur de la Tariqua Tijania, dont se reclament un tres grand nombre d'adeptes, notamment en Afrique de l'Ouest.
Gazing at Baldwins black-and-white picture, the author's mind wanders and takes us into Baldwins life and peregrinations.
During Cabeza de Vaca's peregrinations through the American Southwest, he lived among and interacted with various Indian groups.
When I was younger my peregrinations seemed design.
This framework for Usle's show called attention not only to the peregrinations of his life but to his paintings' formal language of visibility and occlusion, enacted through shifting planes of layers, colors, textures, and overlapping pictorial motifs.
With one exception, that of an anglophone Quebec family whose peregrinations extend across some four generations, these arrivals occurred in various streams from immediately post World War II to the Balkan crisis of the 1990s.
This was the start of my peregrinations around the world.
They will do a politically minded person far more good than any of the mathematical peregrinations of today's political scientists, he says.