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traveling or wandering around

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Douce comme un beau reve, sentimentale et salvatrice, partitions savantes et raffinees, la musique est une authentique peregrination dans la prairie musicale japonaise qui rappelle avec finesse et gaiete la richesse culturelle du pays du Soleil Levant.
La troupe El inchad wal madih a convie l'assistance a une peregrination spirituelle a travers l'interpretation du chant religieux qui n'arrive pas a s'imposer sur la scene artistique nationale.
Suh's vision of "intrinsically transportable and translatable space" takes for granted a world in which the peregrination of an artist who commutes between Seoul and New York while preparing for exhibitions in Venice and LA makes perfect sense.
Keki Daruwalla's Summer of Tigers completes a cycle of peregrination begun almost unawares some twenty-five years ago.
My works have been on energy, water & fire and peregrination of colours.
Loneliness, displacement, and peregrination to various places to find meaning are looming themes of this story and many others.
His sister and the family dog, Jack (also an alien), whisk Peregrination from universe to universe to avoid the alien bounty hunters who are after Cooper.
Young was responding to the New York Museum of Modern Art Warhol retrospective which would spend the next 14 months touring various institutions in the United States and Europe, its peregrination helping to cement the artist's posthumous reputation for producing, in the words of the show's curator Kynaston McShine, 'great art, a monument impossible to ignore.
LATE on Saturday afternoon, with a heavy heart and deep sense of foreboding, I dragged myself towards my trusty tangerine charabanc and set off on the short peregrination across the valley to the home of the Heavy Woollen and Sykes Cup holders, and Scholes' scourge and number one nemesis Shepley Cricket Club.
000 kilometers to the nearest landmass) but could become a peregrination point for the French since Napoleon spent his last years in the island as a prisoner of the British and was buried there until 1840.
Boyle, Kinsey and the blurring of fact and fiction leads to Jay Neal's fictional peregrination of a copy of the reports across the decades.
The peregrination is made in a clockwise direction by Hindus and Buddhists.
Dossin will perform two pieces by Hector Villa-Lobos; "The Peregrination Suite" by Terry Vosbein; and three selections by UO Professor Emeritus Victor Steinhardt.
One of the family rituals of my childhood was the Sunday drive--a peregrination with no real destination in mind.
The film jumps from Julia's peregrination through the streets of Manhattan, to haunting psychics and bizarre bit players, to the electronic effluvia of billboards, television terrorism and hydroelectric power lines and meters--all culminating in a kind of post-9/11 nightmare.