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traveling or wandering around

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Loneliness, displacement, and peregrination to various places to find meaning are looming themes of this story and many others.
Et c'est avec le meme enthousiasme, sur le meme ton jovial, communicatif que Veronique presente ses œuvres qu'elle n'oublie pas de partager avec ses compagnons de cette aventure livresque qu'elle a entamee en 1992, lorsque depuis six ans deja, elle a echange ses peregrination journalistiques pour des voyages plus a meme de convoquer ses etats d'ame et d'esprit plus enclins a faire autre chose, voire un ailleurs, elle, si peu faite pour la routine.
His sister and the family dog, Jack (also an alien), whisk Peregrination from universe to universe to avoid the alien bounty hunters who are after Cooper.
He's a not inconsiderable actor, too, and though it would be unfair to suggest that some of the postures adopted look like photo opportunities (in Act III he's topless for much of the time before donning a crisp white shirt), it certainly is true that the travails and suffering of his long peregrination have done little to diminish his striking physique.
C'est une veritable peregrination dans l'univers nocturne de la premiere modernite que nous propose ce livre edifiant.
Chapter 6 reviews the documentary evidence for 'The Carolingian century', chapter 10 the life and works of the ninth century abbot Agilulf, chapter 11 traces the last journey of Columbanus (the peregrination of his relics in AD 929), and chapter 12 concludes with a summary of 'manuscripts with Irish language material'.
Furthermore David Moyes peregrination will come to a sad terminus considering the strides he made in the previous seasons.
Young was responding to the New York Museum of Modern Art Warhol retrospective which would spend the next 14 months touring various institutions in the United States and Europe, its peregrination helping to cement the artist's posthumous reputation for producing, in the words of the show's curator Kynaston McShine, 'great art, a monument impossible to ignore.
LATE on Saturday afternoon, with a heavy heart and deep sense of foreboding, I dragged myself towards my trusty tangerine charabanc and set off on the short peregrination across the valley to the home of the Heavy Woollen and Sykes Cup holders, and Scholes' scourge and number one nemesis Shepley Cricket Club.
000 kilometers to the nearest landmass) but could become a peregrination point for the French since Napoleon spent his last years in the island as a prisoner of the British and was buried there until 1840.
Boyle, Kinsey and the blurring of fact and fiction leads to Jay Neal's fictional peregrination of a copy of the reports across the decades.
The peregrination is made in a clockwise direction by Hindus and Buddhists.
I began my peregrination after a late-morning croissant at Patisserie Valerie in Marylebone High Street.
It rises through four storeys, each punctured by openings like large windows that allow for a changing series of diagonal cross-views adding rotational interest to the visitor's peregrination.