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  • verb

Synonyms for peregrinate

to make or go on a journey

to travel about or journey on foot

to move about at random, especially over a wide area

Words related to peregrinate

travel around, through, or over, especially on foot

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For one thing, it was far more appalling and confrontational than anything found among the Irish immigrants, let alone among the peregrinating Americans who found their way to the Consular offices, and it tested Hawthorne's Yankee pragmatism.
And recent scholars, especially those with an inclination for things medieval or early modern, have had a heyday with quaint tales of peregrinating hermits and hagiographic accounts of holy females such as Hildegard of Bingen.
Sebald is one literary figure we might associate--to use the terminology above--with 'the particular,' considering the unsurpassed historical and cultural detail in his peregrinating documentary fiction.
Founding their own company with a 1978 production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," the ambitious foursome spent seven years peregrinating between France and the Midwest before settling into their current home, a 500-seat converted warehouse space in Minneapolis' river-front district.
At the moment, as Martin Peretz has pointed out, (4) the favorite cause of peregrinating political tourists is the Palestinian movement; and the reason why fellow travelers favor this most barbaric of all movements of "national liberation" is that its adversaries are Jews, always a tempting target because of their ridiculously small numbers (currently, 997 out of every 1000 people in the world are not Jews), and their enormous image (as Christ-killers, corrupters of the young, thieves, agents of Satan, beneficiaries of Judas, devils dancing around the cross, Zionist imperialists).
Urania is informed by the romance and novella tradition of Boccaccio--most clearly his Fiarnetta (although unlike the beautiful and married Fiametta, Urania is never seduced) and Filocolo, a key text for its peregrinating protagonist as well as for the questioni d'amore that are a clear model for the cross-dressed Urania's crossexamination in the forest.
THE Underground Man and Travis Bickle distort and parody numerous solitary, wandering heroes--medieval knights errant or peregrinating saints; Rousseau's "solitary walker"; the alienated but idealistic heroes of Romanticism; the coarse but honorable hero of the American West; and the cynical yet charismatic protagonists of modern urban narratives.
Here as well is to be found an impressive diversity of form: the masked dances of west Java; the coquettish gandrung dances of Banyuwangi; the hobby-horse dancers of Panaraga, whose leader sports the gigantic reyog tiger mask; the ronggeng or professional female dancer, peregrinating in the company of mu sicians and performing in public or at the roadside, or to amuse male guests at tayuban parties.
The modern Hindu disavows the "old-fashioned", non-English speaking, peregrinating or ashram-bound sadhu who does not contribute to modern life.
To be sure, famous orchestras and their conductors travel the world with name soloists, major theater companies make occasional guest forays, and peregrinating opera stars are perennial canaries of passage.