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Synonyms for perdurable

existing or remaining in the same state for an indefinitely long time

Synonyms for perdurable

very long lasting

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The conclusions drawn by Werstine as to the impact of REED-based research into provincial touring records on such perdurable critical shibboleths as Shakespearean 'bad-quarto' theory are unequivocal: 'There is now little left of Greg's story of the genesis of "bad quartos" as memorial reconstructions of provincial performances' (p.
Al respecto, Nonaka (2000: 89) resalta que "en una economia en donde la incertidumbre es la unica certeza, la unica fuente de capacidad competitiva perdurable es el conocimiento".
Similarly symbolic ropes and ligatures abound in the novel, like the umbilical cord still attaching the whale dubbed "Madam Leviathan" to her newborn calf; and sometimes the bonds have negative import, like the whale-line wrapped around Ahab's neck that jerks him overboard to his death, representing the perdurable nature of his monomaniacal, unresolved, and self-destructive obsession with vengeance.
In the April 2008 issue, the title of a story on ginseng is Una perdurable panacea ["An Enduring Panacea"].
Arthur Sze: "The mind craves to make something perdurable / out of something as tenuous as candlelight, / something that becomes more and more itself/through vicissitude.
Its sheer abundance and ubiquity makes digital content appear perdurable.
La razon de estado y las simpatias del parentesco, el interes de la politica y los vinculos de familia se unen para aconsejarles una union intima y perdurable, una marcha acorde y uniforme, unas miras comunes e indivisibles.
It seems to me that Millay had only three serious, perdurable loves.
14) Ultimately, then, what proves to be the most perdurable of all the game's contenders is the market system itself, in its alter-ego form of human nature.
Poem was all; and if so, what we made it from had to be more perdurable, of more lasting and truer clay than we ordinarily contributed.
History, which ought to be an enlightening agent of self-actualization for a person or a land, for the white South would become instead the benighted redoubt of a perdurable irrelevancy.
Parlant de l'Universite Laval, il dit lors d'une conference : << Elle veut la travers les etudes de folklore] tout recueillir, tout conserver pour que soit perdurable, sur cette terre d'Amerique, la plus belle et la plus humaine de toutes les civilisations >> (Perron 8 fevrier 1945).
The stylistic coding of the manuscript's production values refers to this variety of historical cultural authority, rather than to some other: the power of the Roman imperium, imperial or supra-national, extensive in space, and perdurable in time, like the imperial monuments in stone from which the writing style's most salient feature derives.
The remarkable feature of chaotic systems," Argyros finds, "is their tendency to settle into perdurable patterns" (p.
8) The perdurable impact of this "professional" history, however, is that, even today, probably fewer than 30 percent of the more than 600,000 physicians practicing in the United States are "employed" by entities covered by the NLRA, and are thus even eligible to "unionize" in the traditional sense.