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the property of being extremely durable

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The ballet of Ronsard's sonnet, like the actual ballet choreographed and described by Beaujoyeulx, can be read in malo as a tragic representation of universal mutability; dramatizing the vulnerability and brevity of form, or can be read in bono as an affirmation of the perdurability of form, perennially emerging, familiar but changed, out of a chaotic void.
Another way to put this is to say that Amour for Ronsard was both the Orphic Creator and the power ensuring the perdurability of things subject to mutability The ballet in the sonnet, perhaps confusingly, has to be understood as the reflection of both aspects of the god: it acts out the order of the cosmos and a different order of the sublunary world.
It makes the chalos look like the victims of an intellectual mystification that prevents them from approaching this matter in a complete way, makes them appear unable to see it as something more than a fight against the economic deprivation and political abuse suffered by the Indians, unable to see it as a battle for the preservation and defense of the Andean being, his rites, his beliefs, and his customs, which, precisely because they are ancient and tied to tradition, guarantee the identity and perdurability of all that can be called "Indian.
It is true that Chronicles, like Kings, includes passages in the reigns of David and Solomon which predicate the perdurability of the throne upon the fidelity of Solomon (or of Solomon and his sons).
I am not making a plea here for such perdurability or perseverance, but asking merely that the "novel of learning"--that compendious, learned, semi-encyclopedic variation in the very flexible genre of the novel, where rhetoric meets knowledge, where a book, written to be read, is made as a book--be cherished for its lists, collocations, digressions, self-contained stories, and be taken for what more often than not it is, a liberal education.