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Membranophone percussion instruments are popular, and many drum-like membranophones are used widely across the world.
In addition to a variety of percussion instruments, including xylophones, gongs, snare drums, and tablas, the ensemble also has pianists, violinists, cellists, bassists, and violists.
As part of his attempt to educate the people of Wales he has recorded a CD, Zimba Zamba, which shows the variety of music that can be produced with percussion instruments.
Talking about drum circles, Remo's varied selection of world percussion instruments makes it easy and feasible for every household to stock-up on a few key instruments ready to improv a jam session or a full-blown drum circle at anytime.
AII of them are musicians that are proficient in their craft, having mastered the art of playing numerous types of drums and percussion instruments, as in the case of master drummers Jose Luis Quintana "Changuito" and Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, among others.
Vergara's craftsmanship gained worldwide recognition in the late forties and early fifties for his conga and bongo drums and for producing some of the first tunable percussion instruments anywhere.
We dedicate this year's annual percussion/drum issue to all the bongo pioneers, to the latest masters of this unique percussion instrument, and to Rey Abraham.
Young musicians in grades 7 through 9 who play a string, wind or percussion instrument are eligible to audition for the orchestra.
In a continent where rhythm is king, every object is a potential percussion instrument.
At left, Aarushi Arenja of Calabasas plays an Indian percussion instrument at Saturday's festival.
A percussion instrument is defined as "a musical instrument (drum, xylophone, or maraca) sounded by striking, shaking, or scraping.
Greenwood, the group's ``guitar hero,'' often uses the thing as a percussion instrument.
His instrument, the Tabla, is regarded as the king of the percussion instruments and it has a very distinct sound that makes it an integral part of Indian music.
3) Accessories for percussion instruments (45 Unit)
The whole evening's music was marvellous, and part of it was given over to the Wirral Schools Orchestra with some of them playing percussion instruments solo, this was fabulous.