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strike or tap firmly

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After several days of continuing pain, she underwent an approximately 20-minute neck massage with a handheld electric massager consisting of two spherical massage elements about 2 cm in diameter that percuss the skin with low amplitude and high frequency (3,000 pulses/min).
The massager consisted of two spherical elements that percuss the skin with low amplitude but very high frequency.
CPT is labor-intensive; caregiver must possess strength and endurance sufficient to percuss chest effectively and to position patient
Weinstein states: "'Dahomey Dance' reflected a serious attempt to translate a Dahomenian field recording of musicians making their voices percuss like conga drums into American jazz sounds".
Andrew Mogrelia's chamber ensemble contributed to the aviary with granite-like resolution and bubbling wit, marshalled by a phalanx of expert percuss ionists and featuring a perky, adept little woodwind concertino.