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a coffeepot in which boiling water ascends through a central tube and filters back down through a basket of ground coffee beans

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Card No Maestro 16+ Nos Valid Expiry Issue No 3 Digit Security No PLEASE SEND ME QTY COLOUR PRICE TOTAL A198 - Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator PS39.95 A248 - Advanced Nano Non-Stick Pan PS19.95 A245 - Flat Toaster PS29.95
He said: "You can buy a percolator for less than pounds 10, but it's just easier to boil the kettle and spend on an instant blend."
Soon their shiny chrome kettles and percolators were as much a sign of a family on the up as a car in the drive.
The affected percolators were shipped in limited quantities between July 2001 and April 2004 and sold in the United States through Sears stores during that period.
Engineers at Ross and Givaudan-Roure began a collaborative R&D effort, which eventually led them to retire all of Givaudan-Roure's traditional percolators. They replaced the percolators with four specially designed, 2,500-gallon cone screw mixers equipped for heat transfer and vacuum processing.
And many prefer real coffee - from filter machines, percolators or cafetieres - to the instant variety.
The Infinity offers a choice of 16 grinder settings, ranging from Turkish fine to very coarse for percolators or a French press.
* FoodSaver--FoodSaver Home Vacuum Packaging Appliances, FoodSaver Patented Pre-made Bags and Roils that can be custom made to meet consumers' specific needs, FoodSaver Vacuum Packaging Canisters, FoodSaver Bottle Stoppers and Jar Sealers, Store 'n Cut[TM] Roll Holder and Cutter, FoodSaver Universal Lids VillaWare: * Electrics--A family of Wafflers (Belgian, traditional, Disney-licensed products), Table Top Grills, Sandwich Makers, Panini Grills, Flatbread Makers, Smoothee Bar Blenders/Servers, Ice Cream Makers, Coffee Percolators, Crepe Makers, Meat Grinders, Woks, Disney-licensed Toasters, Skillets
All the rest use a variety of methods, from percolators to hand drip to instant, although the most common method by far is electric drip.
The 53-year-old from Plymouth had been a Barclaycard customer since 1977 and has bought coffee percolators and fizzy drinks makers with the Rewards points.
And for those readers still fumbling with kitsch-hip, bad-brew percolators, Pendergrast has a special appendix on "How to Brew the Perfect Cup."
But the choice of percolators on offer can be confusing.