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Large abundance ratios for unidentified and percoid larvae in our samples highlight the effect of extrusion at the smallest sizes.
Larvae of several other generalized percoid families are morphologically similar to Macquaria, including Latidae (Trnski et al., 2000), Microcanthidae (Walker et al., 2000a), Kyphosidae (Walker et al., 2000b), and some Apogonidae (Leis and Rennis, 2000).
Digenetic Trematodes of Percoid fishes of Florianopolis, Southern Brasil--Monorchiidae, with the description of two new species.
The postanal series of melanophores (pav) along the ventral midline is characteristic of many percoid larvae, including those of snappers.
They describe characteristics that distinguish callanthiids from other percoids, that distinguish Callanathias from Grammatonotus, and that distinguish the seven species of Callanathias from each other.
Clupeiforms showed distinct temporal, diel and tidal patterns, which is consistent with Modde & Ross (1981) results showing that clupeoids vary more than percoids within 24 h period.
All members of the family have derived states of two characters relative to their states in lower percoids, the presumed outgroup of scorpaenoids: the shortening of al fibers with the lengthening of the associated maxillary tendon (character 3), and an increase in the number of vertebrae from 24 (character 70) (Table 3).
The limits of the Family Serranidae, with notes on other lower percoids. Proc.
Larval fishes as a whole are selective feeders; Corycaeus is selected by larval percoids in the Gulf of Mexico (Govoni et al., 1986b).