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75) Even worse, a rebellion against the truth of his nature, as witnessed in the "tragic tendency to close in on himself" (76) and embrace isolation and alienation, is "a rebellion against being human in itself" that "leads people--as Sartre percipiently observed--into a self-contradictory existence that we call hell.
And also very much in Mr Osborne's own interests, as Mr King so percipiently pointed out.
4) He percipiently praised Babbitt's "insistence that an enlightened world view must come to terms with Asiatic thought," an at titude even more vital now than in 1960.
Self-preservation dictates that right give way to might, as Astell percipiently remarked: "And if mere Power gives a Right to Rule, there can be no such thing as Usurpation; but a Highway-Man so long as he has strength to force, has also a Right to require our Obedience" (1706, x).
It is timely and rewarding to see the impressive little volume Penelope of the Twentieth Century published, percipiently compiling and handsomely presenting the work of Elisaveta Bagryana (1893-1991), the most important twentieth-century Bulgarian poet.