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a feeling of understanding

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42) Indeed, when, in 1792, the naturalist, Robert Townson, read a paper to London's Linnean Society, titled, "Objections against the perceptivity in plants, so far as is evinced by their external motion," employing mechanical philosophy to declare that Percival's vitalist theory of plant feeling should be numbered "amongst the many ingenious flights of imagination," one senses an indictment of Darwin as well.
In his account of changes to practices of "writing criticism" during the course of his own career, Jonathan Culler indicates that displays of perceptivity are not simply a now-outmoded New Critical practice (see also Wolfe and Murray on the enduring centrality of New Critical interpretive practices).
By removing figurative content or material subject matter, the abstract painter annuls all learned perceptivity of religious meaning that the viewer would bring to the artwork.
The experimental program was planned with the specific aim of validating the absolute and the relative perceptivity; as far as the relative perceptivity is regarding, only the effects produced on the driving behaviour by variations of traffic volume were investigated.
This notion of the divine infusion in human perceptivity relates to John Chrysostom's idea of the divine condescension.
70) Cristopher Prendergast revisited the nineteenth century France, shedding light on Saint-Beuve and his literary criticism, remarking on the "culture wars" of French literary culture, bringing to the fore the critic's lack of perceptivity for the works of Balzac and Proust.
And, Jimmy's emotional intelligence is expressed also in his understanding of his father playing "the role of a Dad" while being "secretly disappointed" with him and through his precocious perceptivity about his father's affair with the lab-assistant Ramona (52, 50, 66).
I heard a lot of gunfire in the evenings," he noted later with commendable perceptivity, "but it was a lovely country.
The author - who was Jewish, and her real name was Alisa Rosenbaum - promoted the mind, or maturity or perceptivity, and a new moral philosophy which was actually the philosophy of egoism, or concern with self.
These critical terms, which demonstrate the dialogic, multivocal and heteroglot voices between works in history and within themselves, as cultural utterances, were shown to be appropriate and useful frames for the analysis of particular qualities which enunciate the presence of artists' books in the world: self-consciousness, discursive perceptivity and reflexivity.
Her perceptivity liberates him to go on to say: "It's that all the way through.
58) Not surprisingly, Layton was buoyed by Pratt's perceptivity and honesty" which corroborated his own feelings of success: "If you were here beside me I'd hug you, I am so elated.
For whilst "The Millionaire" had not eaten anything, "nothing but the national staple they now call air-pie; a euphemism for one big slice of nothing" (41), the shopkeeper's critical perceptivity and iconoclasm represents an ideological articulation stretching beyond mundane rationalism.
As this magnified Maori Person, the wharenui is endowed with sensibilities and a lyrical perceptivity which runs like a vein of creativity through the timbered parts of its body: "There was in the meeting house a wood quiet .
The 14 items of ESS included conscious level, perceptivity, verbal communication, visual field, parallel gaze of the eyes, facial movement, proximal muscle force of the upper limbs when maintaining straight in an angle of 45[degrees] from the bed, proximal muscle force of the upper limbs when holding in an angle of 90[degrees], wrist straightening, fingers flexion, proximal muscle force of inferior extremities by keeping the thigh vertical and leg parallel to the bed, proximal muscle force of inferior extremities by flexing hip and knee, foot dorsiflexion and walking capability.