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(statistics) any of the 99 numbered points that divide an ordered set of scores into 100 parts each of which contains one-hundredth of the total


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The relations between the cognitive variables and the fastest RTs were smaller than those for slow RTs for some tasks, but there was little difference between the 50th percentile (median) and 90th percentile RTs.
The necessity of establishing a convention for the definition of percentile is further related to percentile computations.
For example, if two of a client's scores were plotted at the 18th percentile, and none of the other scores exceeded the 30th percentile, then a significant discrepancy would probably not be indicated.
4 over the three-month period, causing a decrease in liquidity from trading in the 82nd percentile to the 83rd percentile.
The males with a BMI at or above the 85th percentile were five times more likely than their leaner peers to become hypertensive.
When you're working with a test like the SAT 9, it's designed to have everybody meet at the 50th percentile mark,'' Lucid said.
92 over the three-month period, causing a decrease in liquidity from trading in the 16th percentile to the 26th percentile.
Of the adolescents who were at or above the 75th percentile in BMI, 79% of the males continued to gain weight--enough to put them above the 84th percentile, or unhealthy range.
82 over the three-month period, causing an increase in liquidity from trading in the 23rd percentile to the 19th percentile.
Based on the city's traffic study of the 90 streets under consideration for speed limit increases, only four justify setting limits more than 5 mph below the 85th percentile speed, because of high crash rates or road conditions not readily apparent to drivers.
CDS liquidity, however, has increased 11 rankings and is now in the 10th regional percentile.
English-language learners made extraordinary gains of 15 points in reading, putting them at the 48th percentile nationally, compared with the 33rd the year before.
CDS liquidity for all three banks remains very high, trading in the first and second regional percentile.
Since the program began, members of the class have increased their Stanford 9 test scores up to 16 percentile points and are now scoring near the national average.
CDS for both retailers became more liquid over the past three months, with ConAgra moving up 13 regional percentile rankings, nine for General Mills.