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Synonyms for percentage

a proportion in relation to a whole (which is usually the amount per hundred)

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There are occasions when the tradesman and the courier agree upon a price which is twice or thrice the value of the article, then the two divide, and both get a percentage.
Lyell has shown that it is hardly possible to resist the evidence on this head in the case of the several tertiary stages; and every year tends to fill up the blanks between them, and to make the percentage system of lost and new forms more gradual.
They, the girls, were of the dancing crowd that swelled by a certain constant percentage the gate receipts of all the picnics.
Nor is even this the worst of the vicious system: for, certain crimping agents of these houses, who have a percentage on all the passengers they inveigle, are constantly travelling about those districts where poverty and discontent are rife, and tempting the credulous into more misery, by holding out monstrous inducements to emigration which can never be realised.
You get your percentage out o' the purchase, I suppose?
Well, but it's nothing but right you should have a small percentage," said Mr.
A certain percentage, they tell us, must every year go .
She bought other claims from discouraged miners, traded or sold them on percentages.
The only real feeling was a desire to get appointed to a trading-post where ivory was to be had, so that they could earn percentages.
On the given percentages I came out twelfth or better.
It was an exceptional opportunity for them to distinguish themselves and to earn percentages on the trade.
T also credits its "air traffic liability" account by the remaining percentage of voucher face value, matched with a percentage-face-value debit in its "passenger revenue" account.
The colors used on the map identify the percentage of a country's population that is Muslim.
What's more the limit generally forces plans to practice "reverse discrimination" by providing highly paid participants with benefits that are a much smaller percentage of their pay than those provided to lower paid participants.
Actual bad debt as a percentage of net sales (which represents gross sales less rescissions) has steadily declined, from 5.