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Synonyms for perceivable

Synonyms for perceivable

capable of being perceived especially by sight or hearing

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capable of being apprehended or understood

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We, the jury have been guided in our final choice by a mutual concern for maintaining a rich architectural culture in face of the reductive forces clearly perceivable in contemporary development: the tendency to reduce architecture to an amortisable commodity often as the direct consequence of a desire to achieve a superficially seductive, even sensational image as cheaply and as expediently as possible.
Within the shortest perceivable time span, the play between the acou stic and visual signals defined the site in such a way that the observer could hardly distinguish dissimilar events: Was that low-frequency hum part of the lighting mechanism--or the light's translation into sound?
when the team is making a series of passes - even if no scoring threat is perceivable.
Gradually, through a series of vivid cameos - a lawyer shot dead on the rocks of a Turkish hillside, a small time entertainer who suddenly finds his bank account is overflowing, a Russian ship apprehended and boarded without any perceivable reason - a British customs man begins to see a linking trail.
The Palindrome group (Germany) will be performing Perceivable Bodies - where the electronic system they developed interprets body movements to control visual and audio components.
Visual differences between the calibration targets were large and easily perceivable on medical images, with color behavior between the same type of display systems varying by double-digit percentages, comments Dr.
This white, high purity, odorless, water-soluble silicone wax is said to deliver perceivable sensorial properties, leaving treated surfaces with a soft and silky feel.
We are "here," bodily present in this room, but also "there," in another room, not directly perceivable but nonetheless given.
And Schumacher points out that Disney's summer animated hit ``Mulan'' was not dealt perceivable box-office damage by the preceding feisty heroine cartoons ``Anastasia'' and ``The Quest for Camelot.
These demonstrations highlight the low-latency, high bandwidth connection of the CWave(TM) wireless link with no perceivable latency between keyboard and mouse inputs and the wireless display.
A pioneer in the field of silicones for personal care products, SESA's hybrid KSP powders combine a unique "rubber core-resin shell" structure designed to deliver consumer perceivable visual benefits (soft focus, matte, natural, transparent) as well as superior feel properties (smooth, silky, moist).
It is crucial to Fried's main argument that the achievements of Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still, and David Smith could only be defined in and through the work of the Modernist generation that followed - so much so that the later artists in some sense created salient features of their predecessors that otherwise would never have been perceivable.
In one particularly ludicrous chase sequence, Bobby falls a good five stories off a window washer's rig, then falls about equally as far down a raging sewer, with no perceivable physical damage.
ScanSafe's highly reliable, unique network architecture allows enterprises to ensure complete Web security for all users -- no matter where they are located -- with no perceivable latency.
In the demonstration, the testing devices in a moving vehicle showed seamless eSRVCC voice handover without any perceivable interruption.