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Synonyms for perceivable

Synonyms for perceivable

capable of being perceived especially by sight or hearing

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capable of being apprehended or understood

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Perceivable content helps businesses ensure that their site is usable by all without losing the meaning of the content.
Kinetic artis art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or depends on motion for its effect.
PTT's Marketing Director Thitiroj Rergsumran said that the implementation of the TRAIN law last New Year's Day has not resulted in any perceivable drop in the company's sales and in fact, the Thai-based oil firm's local business is poised for expansion.
This may include a re-look at governance structures, which will create a perceivable sense of inclusion for Kenyans of different colour and creed.
The man, Abdullah Al Hosni, was quoted by Emarat Al Youm as saying in the report that it was completely unprovoked and he couldn't see any perceivable reason behind the attack.
Extending the gas system length isn't the only component that goes into making a rifle shoot smoother and run more reliably, but there is a perceivable difference.
For example, under the perceivable category, one of the guidelines calls for providing text alternatives for non-text content such as images, banners, radio buttons, etc.
New data shows significant anti-irritation benefits and proven effectiveness to reduce skin dryness caused by surfactants while providing consumer perceivable skin conditioning.
Furthermore, as MSIP requires no client software or plug-ins, users can enjoy a seamless and transparent experience with no perceivable latency.
now meets: that it is perceivable (nothing about the user interface is hidden, and it uses common iconography), operable (it has a focus on keyboard accessibility and timing between functions), understandable (it now allows users to save user interface changes, and navigation is consistent across all functions), and robust (it supports assistive technologies).
As the performance drew to a close, with many a false ending, the movement shrank back down to the barely perceivable, then as each of these incredible performers lay exhaling I felt I could finally breathe again.
well, a popular celebrity--a uniquely new category in which she has achieved celebrity status despite lacking any perceivable talent, skill or position.
A method is proposed in this paper to quantify and differentiate the non-acceptable level of jerk which is perceivable to human body.
Despite the fact that he did not resist arrest nor break any perceivable law in his actions, he was denied medical assistance from the nearby ambulance and has been taken directly into custody.
The four works in the show create a "contemplative space for reflecting on cultural and social conditions and visceral forces that may not be easily perceivable and create feelings of uncertainty," according to the museum's website.