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Previous bonuses were $25,000 per year for all pilots and $15,000 per year for all NFOs, regardless of airframe.
She keeps her nails in tiptop condition by spending 2,600 pounds per year or 7.
With their home-grown productions, the five leading Latin American countries generate an estimated total of $95 million per year from program sales in the international TV market.
Sfax-Thyna Airport(500 000 passengers per year, 68 % of domestic flights, 27% of international flights and 5 % of regular charter flights).
Cavity Wall Insulation: saving per year = pounds 130 - pounds 160; ; typical cost of installation = pounds 260; payback time = less than two years, carbon saving per year = 1 tonne.
5 million tons per year of recovered papermaking capacity has recently been closed.
Also, federal LBIC programs can provide wage credits per qualified employee ranging from $1,500 to $4,000 per year; state credits (available in California and 38 other states) range from $500 to $10,000 per qualified employee, per year.
Using vehicles that run off a rechargeable battery saves this Portland school ana estimated $2,700 per vehicle per year.
The plant has solid polystyrene production capacity of 300 million pounds per year and compounding capability of 170 million pounds per year.
Under this plan, new drugs would be sold at generic prices as soon as the FDA approved them, and innovation would be rewarded not by high monopoly prices, but by a $60 billion per year fund, which would provide money to developers of new products based upon the actual impact on health outcomes over ten years.
The city generates around 375 tons of glass per year from its recycling centers, Barbara Lucks, the city's recycling coordinator, tells the News-Leader.
Buy as few aircraft per year as economically possible but for a much longer period of time.
Family practicioners between 30 and 49 years of age (64% of the workforce) provided 20% fewer visits per year than their same-age peers did 10 years previously.
These investments in knowledge support an energy industry that provides over 6% of Canadian GDP, at $65B per year in sales, and direct employment of 225,000 people.