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amide combining the amino group of one amino acid with the carboxyl group of another

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Table 1: ICH Topic Q6 B (Specifications: test procedures and acceptance criteria for biotechnological/biological products) Appendix for Physiochemical Characterization Structural characterization and confirmation a) Amino acid sequence b) Amino acid composition c) Terminal amino acid sequence d) Peptide map e) Sulfhydryl groups and disulphide bridges f) Carbohydrate structure Physicochemical properties --Molecular weight or size --Isoform pattern --Extinction coefficient --Electrophoretic patterns --Liquid chromatographic patterns --Spectroscopic profiles
The converted mass spectra of all 96 fractions were combined to give a two-dimensional display of peptide masses, termed a peptide map (Fig.
This unglycosylated peptide (70-101) was also present in the tryptic peptide map of spots 6a and 7a, together with mass of m/z 1755.
Each batch of mapping media is tested with a rigorous peptide mix to ensure suitability and reproducibility, enabling the identification of key peptides in complex peptide maps.