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amide combining the amino group of one amino acid with the carboxyl group of another

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Differential peptide display (DPD[TM]; BioVisioN) (7-9) is a technique that generates comprehensive peptide maps of ~3000 peptides covering a mass range of 950-15 000 Da from a biological sample.
This unglycosylated peptide (70-101) was also present in the tryptic peptide map of spots 6a and 7a, together with mass of m/z 1755.
Waters Analytical Standards and Reagents for biopharmaceutical analysis, enabling SEC (size exclusion chromatography) and released glycan separation calibration, and system check standards for intact mass, peptide map, and released glycan workflows;
For example, when a scientist develops a peptide map in the discovery laboratory, all of the methods and reports generated can be shared with colleagues down the line in the quality control (QC) laboratory leading to significant productivity gains.
Deconvolute intact protein mass data intelligently -- Annotate deconvoluted intact protein mass data with protein identities and their modifications -- Calculate the percentage of each intact protein variant -- Identify ions in a peptide map and automatically perform intra and inter-sample relative quantitation -- Assign ions to expected and modified peptides from a defined protein sequence and determine sequence coverage -- Determine biopharmaceutical identity, purity, and stability accurately and precisely