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a hot spiciness


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It is a mix of 50percent Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and 50percent Puglian extra virgin olive oil giving it a delicious balance of grassy, fruity notes followed by a hint of pepperiness.
I've also added rocket leaves for a bit of pepperiness and a squeeze of orange juice as well as lemon, which adds a little sweetness to balance out the citrus acidity.
"Coffee flavor from chicory," said Tom Conti, "I think that gives you that pepperiness and spiciness."
I decided to add a few capers, a swirl of grain mustard, some rocket and radishes for pepperiness and shards of radicchio for a nice bitter touch.
"Arugula is an interesting green--it has a well-defined flavor and pepperiness that definitely brings heat."
The rocket and parmesan salad I ordered as a side dish was underwhelmingly dressed and the leaves themselves had none of the refreshing pepperiness that I associate with that particular ingredient.
Climbing Pinot Grigio: Cool climate Australian Pinot Grigio brings fresh slightly floral flavours, a hint of citrus and a touch of spicy pepperiness. This Pinot Grigio is perfect with an array of starters, from subtle fish dishes to more robust Asian and chilli flavours.
It's rich and full on the mid palate with spicy pepperiness clinging to the taste receptors.
The sweet pepperiness of the fruit was fantastic with that gentle creaminess.
At the other end of the intensity spectrum, the Italian mega-brand that is described as fruity, meaning, for all intents and purposes, "complex, with layers of flavor and finishing pepperiness" (my words), cannot by any stretch be said to equal any of a number of Spanish examples of the mighty and unforgettable Baena DO (denominacion de origen).
Genger from southern Asia lends a certain pepperiness. Sweet and aromatic, blue-black juniper berries give B&B Liqueur a hint of woodiness; the master distiller insists upon French juniper berries.
The leaves have a slight pepperiness, but the stalks are rather mild; they get sweeter and succulent when cooked.
It was creamy without being cloying and the pepperiness of the seasoning was just right.
Matching haggis with this IPA gently subdues the hoppier aspects of the beer while the latter's citrus elements seem to reduce any pepperiness in the food.