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Current trends in pepper cultivation, fertilizers, and wide-scale applications of broad-spectrum organophosphate pesticides could result in a degrading ecological environment besides shortening the lifespan of pepper vines [1].
In Malaysia, the costs of buying compound inorganic fertilizers for pepper vines of different maturity stage are shown in Table 1.
The Pepper Vine prides itself on preparing everything fresh and - as you can imagine - this does take a little longer.
Now, the uninitiated may believe that a curry is just a curry, but you can really taste the difference in The Pepper Vine's dishes.
Gomez and I found our way to an organic spice garden in Thekkady where Thomas Puttampurakkal, a retired Kerala police officer in his 80s, tends to pepper vines that twist around jackfruit and nutmeg trees growing in what seems to be an agricultural system with no real pattern or structure.
We are surrounded by Arabica, Robusta and Cardamom plantations, interspersed with pepper vines on silver-oak.
The misty surroundings, the slight nip in the air, the spice plantations, the colourful plants and flowers and the dense tropical trees all around, waterfalls, pepper vines wrapped seductively around giant trees...
Cambodian farmer Bol Yert pushes his floppy army-issue hat back and looks across his pepper vines. 'My father grew pepper in Kampot when the French were here,' he says.
Back among his pepper vines, Yert remains optimistic.
Pepper vines begin bearing fruit after two to five years.