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a garment worn by women in ancient Greece


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Al Ansari, Founder and CEO of PEPlus Advisors was previously the Chief Executive Officer of SHU Capital psc; before which he helped to establish Dubai Holding in 2004 and founded Dubai International Capital (DIC) where he served as Chairman and CEO for several years.
In early 2012, the FDA approved a topical gel containing ingenol mebutate (derived from the sap of the Euphorbia peplus plant) for the treatment of AKs.
Ingenol mebutate is taken from the milky sap of a plant called radium weed - or Euphorbia peplus - which has been used traditionally as a treatment for skin conditions.
Kimberley Carter of the British Association of Dermatologists said: "This is a very small test group so it will be interesting to see what larger studies and the development of the active ingredient in E peplus sap will reveal.
This is the first time the scientists team has carried out a clinical study of sap from Euphorbia peplus.
Also, Geranium lucidum-Ricotia sinuata community takes place in surroundings of Altinbesik Cavern Entrance, in 550 m and its characteristic plants are Ricotia sinuata, Cardamine graeca, Geranium lucidum, Euphorbia peplus var.
Especies caracteristicas: Polygonum aviculare, Euphorbia peplus.