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a garment worn by women in ancient Greece


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When associated to Minerva as the Goddess of Weaving, the tassel may allude to her mastery in weaving, also revealed in the beautiful and colorful woven peplos that Minerva holds.
Harryhausen deviated from the myth and modeled the statue after a bearded Spartan warrior in a fighting stance, donning an Attic helmet, a very short peplos skirt and, of course, a sword and sandals.
Helen's peplos attests to the potential for handcrafted objects to immortalize those who have made them.
An example of actual penetration-by-clothing is Hercules' death from the peplos given to him by Deianira (cf.
Dissection showed the peplos of tumor tissue was integrated and showed no evidence of infestation or metastasis.
103) that Charmides slips off the statue is an apparent reference to the new saffron-dyed peplos woven for Athena every four years and taken up to the Acropolis in the Greater Panathenaic procession; but this gown was destined for the statue of Athena Polias in the Erechtheion, an ancient and rudimentary wooden idol that would have made a grotesque object of sexual attention--certainly a more genuinely perverse one.
The costumes (the peplos and the mantle) and hairdressings indicate an encounter of symbolic importance.
brunneri, GREECE: Evros, 1 km east of Peplos (before the Turkish border) (40[degrees]57'N, 26[degrees]17'E), 1-31 v 1996
At the Panathenaic festival, the peplos, a cloth embroidered with scenes of mythological battles, was offered to Athena every five years, during the month of Hecatombaeon, the first month of the Attic year.
(98) And Heracles is hardly any less masculine or heroic for his choice to wear women's clothing in various legends; see in particular the stories of his clothing exchange with Omphele, and the choice of Athena (herself a fascinating blend of gender characteristics) to give him a peplos, a distinctly feminine piece of clothing, as a gift.
18 In ancient Greece, what would you have done with a peplos?
The festival of the Plynteria, a cult whose function was to serve Athena by cleaning her peplos, was carried out by plyntrides, who washed the peplos or aletrides who prepared sacrificial cakes.