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a garment worn by women in ancient Greece


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When associated to Minerva as the Goddess of Weaving, the tassel may allude to her mastery in weaving, also revealed in the beautiful and colorful woven peplos that Minerva holds.
The finished products of their weaving, such as the peplos Helen gives to Telemachus, serve as agents of that memory--mnemata.
Asi, ella lleva la piel de leon y blande la maza mientras el hila la lana, revestido del crocote, la tunica azafran o peplos de las mujeres (46).
103) that Charmides slips off the statue is an apparent reference to the new saffron-dyed peplos woven for Athena every four years and taken up to the Acropolis in the Greater Panathenaic procession; but this gown was destined for the statue of Athena Polias in the Erechtheion, an ancient and rudimentary wooden idol that would have made a grotesque object of sexual attention--certainly a more genuinely perverse one.
The costumes (the peplos and the mantle) and hairdressings indicate an encounter of symbolic importance.
brunneri, GREECE: Evros, 1 km east of Peplos (before the Turkish border) (40[degrees]57'N, 26[degrees]17'E), 1-31 v 1996
At the Panathenaic festival, the peplos, a cloth embroidered with scenes of mythological battles, was offered to Athena every five years, during the month of Hecatombaeon, the first month of the Attic year.
98) And Heracles is hardly any less masculine or heroic for his choice to wear women's clothing in various legends; see in particular the stories of his clothing exchange with Omphele, and the choice of Athena (herself a fascinating blend of gender characteristics) to give him a peplos, a distinctly feminine piece of clothing, as a gift.
Director Zack Sydner has everything in place for the comic-book fan boys who flocked to the film -- mindless, balletic (and endless) violence (spurts of blood look like muted red flower petals), heroism against overwhelming odds (though the Spartans weren't the Greeks, who were big on democracy -- they were more about throwing off cliffs those babies who didn't meet their standards), and women who know how to slip out of their peplos and stand by their man along with topless dancers.
The festival of the Plynteria, a cult whose function was to serve Athena by cleaning her peplos, was carried out by plyntrides, who washed the peplos or aletrides who prepared sacrificial cakes.
Se inicia entonces un kommos o dialogo lirico entre Helena y el coro de jovenes cautivas griegas, las unicas que le ofrecen un oido atento: la estrofa entonada por la propia Helena desde la escena es escuchada desde lejos por las cautivas, que se acercan a ella para ofrecerle un refugio: las muchachas se encontraban, por casualidad, junto al agua de tono azul oscuro, sobre la hierba espiralada, calentando los purpureos peplos con los dorados rayos del sol sobre los retonos de una cana (vv.
Su hipotesis, en definitiva, plantea que se trataba de un lugar donde se desarrollaba una importante actividad textil, vinculada a un ritual especifico, muy conocido en los santuarios de Hera: la ofrenda de peplos por parte de jovenes doncellas (Greco 1997).
The child wears a peplos, a simple woolen garment folded over at the top and fastened at the shoulders.
Using the myth of Herakles' peplos as a parallel, the author argues that Acheloos is represented wearing women's dress in order to counterbalance his excessive masculinity.
Even the so-called Peplos Kore, demure in her choice of robes--the heavy woollen garment known as the peplos, rather than the lighter linen ensemble of chiton (tunic) and himation (shawl)--was richly embellished, and not only on the surface of her dress.