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a speech of exhortation attempting to instill enthusiasm and determination in a team or staff

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Speaking to Gulf News, Gopal Jasapara, head coach of the G Force Academy, said: "We always make sure to find a top Test player to inspire the boys with pep talks and Pujara obliged.
Coach Fisher joined bank employees to discuss athletics and the importance of understanding finances with the children during his pep talks.
If all this sounds like pep talk to you, let me say you are right.
Governments, regulations, taxes, subsidies, even pep talks from government leader manipulate trade.
Also, as you try to modify your habits, perhaps a parent or friend can provide some pep talks or company.
Here's what you can do to help remedy the rut: pep talks. Note the very best you have to offer.
After pep talks from Patrick and Lucas, Denise agrees to go, but it soon becomes clear she's not going to be nearly as easy to win over as Libby.
He said: "We can have team talks, we can have pep talks but players need to win matches.
As well as immediate pep talks and consolations, he says, Biblical religion offers peacemakers and activists a potent arsenal for imaging freedom, energizing social reform, and forging solidarity with the poor.
Of course, I suppose Jon helps with the watering and weeding--all that technical stuff--but surely my pep talks must do something.
He gives pep talks that make the market tank by the end of the day.