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a rally (especially of students) before a game

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This was the first time for the two Koreas to hold a pep rally together at the PyeongChang Olympics.
But the two put an end to the issue after appearing at the pep rally, just two days before the NCAA opening on Saturday.
As part of his scholars-can-be-supercool-too initiative, our principal decided to hold a pep rally for students who had brought home academic laurels.
After investigating, police did not find it to be a credible threat, but just to be safe, school officials decided to scrap the annual Thanksgiving pep rally, which had been scheduled for the school gym.
The pep rally was attended by dignitaries like ex- Kansas City Chiefs Neil Smith and David Whitmore; Branson Airport CEO Steve Peet; Branson Airport executive director, Jeff Bourke; Pete and Jack Herschend, cofounders of Silver Dollar City and Herschend Family Entertainment; entertainer Tony Orlando; and Gov.
On Monday, a group of them gathered at the Alicia Broadous-Duncan Multipurpose Center for a pep rally, some warm-up exercises and the job assignments.
RIF achieved this milestone at Washington Heights Elementary School (PA) when Parker Beene, a fifth grade student, chose Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at his school's Reading Pep Rally.
We have a pep rally for athletics but nobody does a pep rally for academics," says Mark Peterson, superintendent of Lanier County School District in Lakeland, Ga.
Take the Field and Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, who donated $500,000 for the project, hosted a dedication pep rally.
The article said the abortion foes "gave the ceremony the air of a presidential pep rally.
The statement, "At the next pep rally, I will throw a homemade pipe bomb filled with black powder after I light the fuse," would carry more weight than "An upcoming pep rally may be disrupted by our group carrying some high explosives, like gunpowder.
In the fall of 1999, a group of students at Texas A&M University were continuing the deep football tradition of a bonfire and pep rally on the eve of the big game against their intrastate rival, the University of Texas Longhorns.
patriotic pep rally could not come at a worse time.
In the weeks prior to the attack on our country Secretary-General Kofi Annan was in South Africa at a UN world conference on "racism" -- which was actually noth ing more than a pep rally for America's enemies.