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He said: "Willie took all the blame but it is most certainly true that three others took the same pep pills.
A New Brighton youth was detained for three months after he was found with 1,800 pep pills in a parcel.
Run madly around the block or just run amok, Or shout and bawl like I'm off my rock Alas I can't get motivated, what happened to my zest I need a dose of pep pills to stimulate my stimulation Surely no one could be so bored of being bored Is this what life does to you devours your fire and spits out a shell And then left listening to the clock going tick tock.
Kory also takes pep pills and gas attack pills with his meals and snacks.
Such is the sanctifying power of The School's new single - the perfect pop on pep pills that is Never Thought I'd See The Day - it could easily raise the dead and inspire a mass gurn at a meeting of miserable curmudgeons.
WARNING: Judge Tony Briggs MIND-ALTERING: The types of pep pills which were at the centre of the case involving Patrick Wilson from Nunthorpe
There are the US Air Force pilots who pop amphetamines before they fly missions, musicians who take betablockers to steady their nerves, students who take pep pills before they write an essay.
Pep pills are for sale legally in high-street stores - known throughout the country as 'head shops' by clubbers looking for a safer natural high.
I'm not offering a cure for the world's ills, or pep pills for the despondent, or a way to happiness, but I am committed to the belief that poetry--as well as painting and sculpture, music and dance and drama--in a time when we are sometimes tempted to pull away from the world, in a time when there is so much to withdraw from, in a time when we may forget that to be a little bit numb, to be a little anesthetized, is to be a little bit dead, may in a small way help to keep us alive.