people of colour

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a race with skin pigmentation different from the white race (especially Blacks)

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The more normal it is to see people of colour in spaces of power, the harder it will be to sustain the assumptions - and justify policies - that enforce America's greatest and most terrifying fiction: that there must always be someone to look down upon, that people of colour must necessarily be second class.
The struggle against globalization is just an extension of the struggle against colonialism, capitalism and imperialism that people of colour have been fighting for hundreds of years.
Sweatshops, exploitation of workers, and restrictive immigration policies are all linked with globalization and all disproportionately affect people of colour.
So why are people of colour not well represented within the anti-globalization movement?
There was concern that white activists' organizing wouldn't include an analysis of racism or understand the struggles that people of colour face day to day.
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