people of color

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a race with skin pigmentation different from the white race (especially Blacks)

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Mentoring programs have been shown to be successful for people of color and White women (Evansoki & Wu Tse, 1989).
Not only are Euro Americans consistently regarded as perpetrators but people of color are consistently regarded as victims.
This image, while renouncing unjust white privilege, uses the power they have to side with people of color as they struggle for equality.
People of color had reason to expect the protest to be white-dominated.
The national campaign to recruit students for the SPECTRUM scholarship program has provided publicity that has generally enhanced recognition of library and information science as a viable career option for people of color.
In October 1991 the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit was convened in Washington, D.
She also anguishes over whether all of the things she has been told at the encounter about the Jewish role in the suffering of people of color are true.
Free people of color living in San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital, are the main subjects of Not of Pure Blood.
5 million residents of the 483 zip codes in which people of color comprise well over half of the population.
Predictably, academically talented people of color shied away from California and Texas public law schools -- knowing that fewer people of color were going to be admitted and not wanting to find themselves racially isolated.
Thus, some view it as a thinly veiled effort to assuage white guilt in the name of progress and believe that the practice limits the number of black-authored plays produced by white theaters, whose display of progressiveness favors the casting of people of color in the same Euro-American canon that has traditionally been their programming staple.
Among people of color, women and others who are the target of the anger, there is a temptation to say to the white men who express their anger and fear, "Now you know how it feels.
This coalescence created a potential for violent assaults against certain targeted scapegoats: federal officials and lawenforcement officers, abortion providers and their pro-choice supporters, environmentalists, people of color, immigrants, welfare recipients, gays and lesbians, and Jews.
Those who have, are called "antiracists," "people doing antiracist work," or "allies to people of color.
Success Depends on Partnerships in Low-Income and People of Color Communities