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a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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A responsible Police officer said that this case should be reinvestigated and the accused Peon Bilal and all his accomplices be arrested and then law will take its course.
Parents allege that the girls were misguided by two schoolteachers and a peon and taken to Dera on the pretext of going on an educational tour.
Peon explained that Banamex's work in this field is as a business movement rather than philanthropy.
Instead, Haynes make recommendations based on his work experience as a so-called peon: Earn the trust of your employees; be realistic when setting goals and assigning tasks to each worker; remember that there are limits when it comes to overwork; identify with your employees; learn what each person's job really entails by doing it yourself; listen to reactions and suggestions; and, finally, have a concrete vision of the business and its goals.
However, two key factors have inhibited the penetration of wireless Internet service in the region," said Roberto Peon, chief marketing officer of BellSouth International.
Named for the poet, the Peon Contreras Theater is a jewel of an opera house, all red velvet and five tiers of boxes above the floor.
Despite the novel's guise as a murder mystery (one of the nominated ladies will kill to win), its really a vehicle for Kane, a one-time HBO public relations peon, to skewer the celluloid city.
Even if I'm just a peon, my time is still worth a good $5.50 an hour.
He managed to survive those years at the Post where he wrote five times a week, for peon's wages, the reward clearly, as that great Calvinist Dorothy Schiff thought, being in the doing.
Previously Prime Minister House Peon Bilal's brother Adil has been involved in the several violent incidents of hooliganisms.