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a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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Parents allege that the girls were misguided by two schoolteachers and a peon and taken to Dera on the pretext of going on an educational tour.
It does not work with NGOs, Peon says, but directly with communities.
Having spent so much time in so many different jobs allows him to laugh at the work world: At one point, he argues that most peons such as himself work in order to be respected, not so much for a paycheck.
For example, with our voice portal customers can access information from the Internet using only their voice and a regular wireless phone," Peon said.
No importa cual sea nuestro trabajo peon o rey, lo importante es que con el le ganemos la partida a la pobreza y al subdesarrollo, haciendo de nuestro pais un mejor lugar para vivir (Unimer, 1997.
Despite the novel's guise as a murder mystery (one of the nominated ladies will kill to win), its really a vehicle for Kane, a one-time HBO public relations peon, to skewer the celluloid city.
Even if I'm just a peon, my time is still worth a good $5.
In all the world, no operating company has ever built such a complex cellular telephone network in such a short time as we have in Sao Paulo," said Roberto Peon, president of BCP Telecommunications.
The students complained that they were compelled to clean their school, as there was no peon in the school.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Aug 8 (ANI): The Mumbai police on Tuesday arrested a peon of the Seth Juggilal Poddar Academy (SJ Academy) in Malad for allegedly raping a four-year-old girl.
LET ALONE high- flying bureaucrats and police officers, even a ' multi- tasking' peon can build a fortune in Bihar.
Three gunmen entered the Porak Girls High School late Wednesday night and planted explosives after overpowering the school peon.
La designacion de Jorge Tello Peon como asesor de seguridad de Felipe Calderon puede convertirse en otro paso en falso que lo lleve a repetir el fracaso del gobierno de Vicente Fox en la materia.
Borges, que como agente de inteligencia participo en operaciones encubiertas y ha estudiado a fondo a las organizaciones criminales, anade que el nombramiento de Jorge Tello Peon como asesor de Calderon en materia de seguridad nacional es solo de membrete, porque estara atado de manos.
Numbers range from an intimate scene in the company's studio in the exquisite colonial-era Teatro Peon Contreas to a spectacular dance, featuring historical images from the Mayan culture, in the bandshell in Merida's colorful Park of the Americas.