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Synonyms for penurious

Synonyms for penurious

not having enough money to pay for necessities

excessively unwilling to spend


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Given the penurious reputation of Charles Comiskey, it is surprising that one should feel a need to construct such a situation.
I'm also quite intrigued by the participation of the PAO, which is supposed to defend the rights of penurious litigants, and of the VACC, which was founded to protect the rights of crime victims, in not just the Kian case but also in other cases of young EJK victims.
Arrogance alone could not have raised him from a penurious childhood to the top of government.
Recriminations have gone back and forth between the obvious need for enforcing public safety in residential live/work spaces, alternating with the equally compelling plea (in the opinion of some) to maintain an adequate supply of affordable housing for penurious artists.
As more staffers and ex-congressmen followed the lobbying path, those still in government began to see their salaries, which they once considered comfortable, as penurious.
I remember Raigarh in Chhattisgarh as the place where I once paid Rs 10 to its erstwhile ruler who was in a penurious condition when he stretched his hands to me soon after I took a picture of his palace.
A penurious government had provided the militia with limited resources, however.
Becoming a respectable young lady means following rules, undergoing endless training, wearing restrictive corsets and clothing, and finally marrying a wealthy stranger in order to save her penurious family.
It also revealed the penurious prosecution of FIA in the court.
Twice anathematised--first by Scottish patriots for the part he played in the negotiations that led to a treaty of union with England in 1707, then by the Hanoverian ascendancy for repudiating that settlement and leading the Jacobite revolt of 1715--Mar lived out his final years as a penurious exile, distrusted by other refugees from Whig vengeance and unable even to find a lasting bolthole in any of the cities of Europe.
Surprisingly, White House silence and showing cold shoulders to KSA during penurious hours was too much dubious.
Mays cogently argues that Folger and other rich American collectors of his era were able to acquire as much as they did because the British ruling class was too penurious or indifferent to prevent its nation's cultural heritage from going abroad.
In order to lure the penurious landlords, municipality may come up with an idea of awarding best tenants upon completing their buildings as per the standard law, which can of course be that of International Building Code.
His early bah humbug, penurious personality is amusingly coated with a dash of gently sadistic humor, the way he plays with Bob Cratchit's (Zack Steele) furtive, tiptoe attempt to sneak an extra lump of coal into the fire to warm things up a bit.
What seems wasteful behavior to the penurious spirituality is just common sense to this pastor.