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Synonyms for penurious

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Synonyms for penurious

not having enough money to pay for necessities

excessively unwilling to spend


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The North East Labour councils are travelling the same penurious road as London.
Starting a winegrape vineyard in California's North Coast is not a suitable venture for the timid or penurious. A recently released study from UC Davis details and examines the costs of establishing a vineyard and producing winegrapes at a hypothetical farm in Sonoma County, using common practices, with emphasis on Chardonnay.
Leonce, who's just left his wife and is proud of it, is a wealthy leftist, while Potier is a penurious rightist.
In the Aadfields, isolation and frontier self-sufficiency have spawned a kind of penurious oddness.
Those too stubborn or too penurious to spring for TiVo will now be further cursed by a double dose of commercials, thus increasing the pressure to purchase the new gadget.
EARLY ON IN HIS CAREER as an immortal ballplayer and penurious eccentric, Joe DiMaggio agreed to become a millionaire by allowing a "ghost" to write the story of his life.
It should be noted that the differences among the Cuban people were basically penurious and not based on race.
In justifying the recent large pay rises conferred on his senior bureaucrats, Jeff Kennett readily transferred that glib and often quoted corporate maxim `You pay peanuts, you get monkeys' to the political realm, implying that everyone currently serving in the purportedly penurious Victorian Parliament--himself included--is a monkey.
I, the undersigned mayor of the Town of Camugnano, certify that the married couple Gaetano Cesarini and Domenica Puccetti find themselves in such penurious condition that they do not know how they are going to live.
This rather penurious selection, as they concede in their Introduction, 'does perhaps need some explanation', but no explanation, so far as I can see, is ever forthcoming.
Proctor contrasts the exorbitant funding for therapies and molecular biology with the penurious approach to epidemiology, occupational health and safety, and nutrition.
When I arrived there, having spent most of the previous year in the Congo, my salary had reached, as I recall, the grand total of $12,000 a year, and Neil, in the penurious tradition of UP, made all of $100 a week.
Despite the rather penurious salary offerings, small-daily editors reject the idea that the standard of living for journalists is slipping.
In her reworking of the familiar "Beauty and the Beast," Anne Thackeray Ritchie (the daughter of William Thackeray) depicted Belle's penurious family in a way that poked fun at English class consciousness.
Profits fueled the merchants' aspirations to join the nobility of the Robe by purchasing venal offices from the penurious Valois kings after 1570, though never in the numbers decried by contemporaries.