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Synonyms for penurious

Synonyms for penurious

not having enough money to pay for necessities

excessively unwilling to spend


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Finally, Justice La Forest's penurious historical account in Mercure is also partly based on Arthur I Silver's The French-Canadian Idea of Confederation 1864-1900.
Loach and Laverty make it abundantly clear that if penurious and troubled individuals are to be reintegrated back into society, it is essentially the support of intelligently concerned individuals like Harry -- ahead of legislation and social policies -- that will plant a seed of hope and a will to lead a conscientious life in those that have been pulled into a vortex of violence and aggression.
The departure of US troops and planes from remote Kyrgyzstan will not be missed -- except for the hole it leaves in the already penurious Kyrgyz government's budget and foreign currency reserves.
Experts feel that without government subsidies or an incentive program, Chinese consumers, notoriously penurious and concerned about saving money to buy homes or put towards their retirement, are not likely to go on an auto buying spree any time soon.
Seamen are bound to obey all reasonable orders, but are not bound to risk their lives for penurious shipowners and the suggestion forces itself upon us that the Bench in sentencing to imprisonment the four men referred to, did not show that amount of intelligent fair play.
While Arrupe did argue for frugality, he was not necessarily advocating a penurious existence.
Like soldiers, faculty always have complaints: penurious administrators, petty colleagues, and, of course, entitled and unmotivated students.
Everyday calamities were ascribed to the sinister workings of the Adversary and his largely penurious minions, who confessed they had been offered anything they wished for.
The actions of a frightened, penurious majority came down hard as a hammer.
But one day, someone in Western Europe will wake up and wonder how Europe became a declining, penurious, second-tier power.
Oscar Wilde's conviction in 1895 on charges of homosexual behavior led to the ruin of his sparkling career, and his ultimate penurious exile to France following time in jail.
So, for example, some people fail to sign up for IRA retirement savings plans that are available at their work, out of laziness, confusion, or weakness of will, thereby condemning themselves to a penurious old age.
Boyko traces Bennett's life from his birth at Hopewell Hill, New Brunswick, through a penurious childhood in which his devoutly Methodist mother was the key influence, to professional, business and political success and, finally, to his retirement in England and death.
The couple has been mocked for, among other things, being "outsiders," their collective lack of knowledge about the game, and their alleged penurious ways with the team.
After a lengthy search, the narrator discovers that the cock whose crow so revitalized him belongs to a penurious wood-sawyer named Merrymusk.