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comparative darkness that results from the blocking of light rays

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a fringe region of partial shadow around an umbra

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2] The aim of our study was to define different regions of brain parenchyma into normal, penumbra and infarct zones using intravenous contrast perfusion characteristics in patients presenting with stroke.
These parameters enable us to differentiate areas of penumbra and infarct zones.
A paired t- test was applied to compare the differences of the ASL CBF, fast ADC, and slow ADC measurements between ischemic penumbras and contralateral normal brain regions.
Fast ADC, slow ADC and ASL CBF measurements of ischemic penumbras and contralateral normal brain regions are presented in [Table 1].
47 of Umbra (arc sees) Diameter of Penumbra (km) 4 259 4 213 7 057 8 058 (2) Angular diameter 1.
They appear more isolated and detached from each other around the penumbras, where they resemble numerous leaves crossing each other, and they are extended in more isolated fashion within the very core of the nucleus.
We have not yet had the opportunity to observe this [willow-leaf] pattern, but we see that even Signor Dawes is in the same circumstances: he finds that the solar structure described by Sir John Herschel, that is, composed of a sort of luminous flakes, is what most closely resembles the appearances observed over the course of many years of research, and in regard to the penumbras, he agrees that there are bright parts, like currents that make their way into the nuclei crossing through the penumbra and retaining all the splendor of the photosphere, and not of the penumbra.
Numero de penumbras individuales en intervalos de diez unidades
But in the meantime you can't be sure that the judiciary won't do one of its creative exegetical jobs, discovering same-sex marriage lurking in the penumbras of our living constitution.
We wholeheartedly endorse Java Foundation Classes," said Fereydoun Taslimi CTO at Penumbra Software, the developers of Super Mojo the first 100% Java RAD tool.