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fudge made with brown sugar and butter and milk and nuts

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As my back straightened and my chest thrust out a bit without over doing it, I told him with a subdued flair, like melting penuche on one's tongue, that there were others about, some in the attic, etc.
Created to commemorate the bicentennial of the historic Lewis and Clark expedition, the new flavor, available for a limited time, features butter caramel flavored ice cream, chocolate rice squares, crunchy caramel coated pretzels and penuche peanuts, with caramel fudge sauce swirled throughout.
For unique snacks, Dillon Candy Company offers the Cashew Roll and Penuche Pecan Roll.
Lately I have been asking--of enough people to crowd the aisles of the annual Christmas church bazaar, including the Potholder and Penuche departments--a simple question: What is the best present anyone ever gave you?
Penuche's Inc., 128 F.3d 28 (1997) (New Hampshire law) (exclusion inapplicable to injuries suffered by bar patron when bouncer fell on him while trying to break up brawl).
WHAT: Meet up with other young professionals in the Nashua area to taste beer at the Thirsty Turtle, Nashua Garden and Penuche's Ale House.
Penuche cooks best a couple of degrees cooler than chocolate, but vanilla and maple fudge seem to do best somewhere in between penuche and chocolate.