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an oxide containing five atoms of oxygen in the molecule

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Reduction of tantalum pentoxide with aluminium and calcium: thermodynamic modelling and scale skilled tests.
The main objectives of this study were thermodynamic analysis of the reduction process of tantalum pentoxide with combined reductants and in the presence of a heat-releasing compound, using a computer simulation program "HSC Chemistry 6.
The duration of aluminothermal reduction reactions of tantalum pentoxide is at raw materials mass of ~150 kg in the range of 90-120 s [6].
In our scale skilled tests tantalum pentoxide was heated at 900 [degrees]C till permanent weight (Table 1).
To follow the development of the different thermal zones during the reduction process of tantalum pentoxide a method of synchronous thermal analysis on a derivatograph Netzsch Geratebau GmbH (Germany) was used.