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an oxide containing five atoms of oxygen in the molecule

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Diffractogram of powder of vanadium pentoxide obtained by thermal decomposition of tetravanadate ammonium at a temperature of653 K for 50 min.
Vanadium pentoxide is the inorganic compound with high oxidation state.
Using an (IL-2)-independent human NK-92MI cell line that is phenotypically considered an NK bright cell line, studies have shown that vanadium pentoxide ([V.
Tests in 2002 confirmed 94,000 tons of tantalum pentoxide, worth up to $19bn, plus deposits of niobium, yttrium and rare-earth oxides - worth $17-18bn.
The Clear Hills represents one of the largest compliant resources of vanadium pentoxide in the world (2.
UK tantalum pentoxide concentrate producer Paragon Resources Plc (LON:PAR) said that it was in early talks to take over domestic agricultural consulting company Greenstar Resources Limited from Greenstar Associates LLP.
The latter were incendiaries - used because the phosphorous pentoxide gas burned brightly and provided a beacon for further strikes.
Test of vanadium pentoxide as anode for the electrooxidation of toluene.
Reduction of tantalum pentoxide with aluminium and calcium: thermodynamic modelling and scale skilled tests.
Eight papers from the University of Electronic Science and Technology investigate phase transitions in stacked chalcogenide films, the dielectric properties of doped CCTO ceramics, charge transport in organic FETs and LEDs, and the effect of phosphorus pentoxide on MnZn ferrites.
He recites a litany of raw materials, pointing out examples: "lead basilicate frit and white felspar plus opacifier, give a background for colour response; zirconium gives a hard, clean white, tin a softer white; vanadium pentoxide gives a soft yellow; copper with an alkaline base gives Egyptian blue, or with an acidic base gives green.
Metallurgical testing indicates that a mineral concentrate assaying about 30% combined Nb-Ta pentoxide with a Ta-Nb recovery of 65-70% is possible.
The construction of this facility is part of a $100 million investment program in China, which includes a plant in Hangzhou for Quinacridone specialty organic pigments, a state-of-the-art phosphorus pentoxide plant in Kunming, and a masterbatches plant and Archroma Center for textiles in Guangzhou.
On the one hand, the reaction is carried out between chitin and hydroxyle functions and phosphorous pentoxide in the presence of methane sulfonic acid (20), (21).
The blaze produced a huge and potentially dangerous gas cloud of vapour, containing phosphorous pentoxide.