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an athlete who competes in a pentathlon

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Before El-Geziry, Egyptian pentathlete Omnia Fakhry was champion of the Modern Pentathlon and was the first to rank internationally for the game in Egypt and the first to win an international medal.
The Inverness-born pentathlete will fence, swim, ride a horse and negotiate the combined run/shoot discipline over the course of 11 hours.
Redgrave ran a full lap and then it was time for Olympians from the past -- long jumper Lynn Davies, swimmer Duncan Goodhew, middle distance runner Kelly Holmes, pentathlete Dame Mary Peters, sailor Shirley Robertson and decathlete Daley Thompson to join.
WIRED UP Soviet pentathlete Boris Onishchenko, already a gold medallist from the 1972 Munich Games, was disqualified four years later in Montreal when he was found to have wired up his epee with a switch he could use to score points when, in fact, he had not hit the target.
Against a backdrop of violence, Belfast pentathlete Mary Peters won gold in 1972, breaking the world record.
Speakers include Darren Shickle, professor, from the University of Leeds, psychologist, Dr Fiona Fylan, business consultant and performance coach, Carmen Lester and after-dinner Speaker, double Olympiad and former modern pentathlete professor Greg Whyte.
27, the general assembly of the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee gathered for its session in the Karolina Hotel in Vilnius and rejected the wishes of pentathlete Donata Rimsaite, 24, to represent Russia in the Olympic Games in London this year.
The six were - 24-year-old athlete Hannah England, Triathlete Hollie Avil, Synchronised swimmer Jenna Randall, Heptathlete Louise Hazel, Modern pentathlete Frayje Prentice and Cyclist Lizzie Armistead, the Daily Mail reported.
The EFMP has a promising plan for increasing the number of people doing this sport in Egypt," added Touni, stressing that the ideal adult age for the modern pentathlete is between 22 and 28.
The other members of the class of 2009 are Stan Brock and Pete Brock, who played at Jesuit High School and the University of Colorado before moving on to the NFL; Olympic pentathlete Chuck Richards; karate masters champion Tom Levak; professional tennis player Jonathan Stark; former St.
The Pentathlete concept was introduced in a version of AR 600-100 Army Leadership released on March 8, 2007, as a new essential leader concept.
At the end of these four events, each pentathlete has accrued a points total.
The originators of the pentathlete term envisioned leaders who embody a range of competencies beyond those narrowly associated with combat operations.
In this interview, he shares his views on three topics: the multifunctional logistics Soldier, the pentathlete, and transformation.
HOW: David is the top ranked pentathlete in the national and has been ranked among the national leaders in seven events.