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the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one

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However, the extremely high temperature anomaly (higher than one standard deviation) occurred at the beginning of December 2015 and lasted until the second pentad of January 2016, with precipitation lower than climatology by more than half standard deviation, and soil moisture percentile lower than 5% for a large area of SA (Figs.
In particular, we adhere to Kenneth Burke's dramatistic theory and apply the dramatistic pentad as an analytical method for "analyzing discourse by focusing on how it attributes motivation to human action" (Blakesley, The Elements 32).
With regard to the dry period, the pentads between June and August were analyzed.
Table 1 Racemic Pentad Content, Crystallinity and Basic Mechanical Behavior of the sPP Grades Studied.
To make the pentads, the researchers use chemical components similar to ones found in plants and photosynthetic bacteria.
Each gustatory pentad contains a single diagonal coordinate matrix and two pairs of antidiagonal mass matrices [6] --these pentads are not needed yet.
13 (practically all the MA units are isolated in sequences of HEMA units according to reactivity ratio) shows resonance signals similar to the spectra of poly-HEMA, poly(methyl methacrylate), and other poly(alkyl methacrylates) (17, 18), with a splitting of signals that could be analyzed on the basis of sequences of tactic pentads.
The respondents gave dates according to the Bengali calendar, which we subsequently translated to the "western" calendar and Julian pentads (5-day periods).
Each gustatory pentad contains one coordinate matrix and two pairs of mass matrices [9]--these pentads are not needed yet.
Here exist only six Clifford pentads [1]: one which I call light pentad [beta]:
I call matrices [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] mass elements of pentads.
It will combine the results of the cluster analysis and take into account the representative anecdote by considering the five elements of the pentad.
1) Among the elements of Burke's dramatistic perspective applied in rhetorical studies are the pentad, the representative anecdote, form, identification, and scapegoating.