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a fund reserved to pay workers' pensions when they retire from service

a financial institution that collects regular contributions from employers to provide retirement income for employees

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Release date- 30072019 - Data submitted by Dutch pension funds to their supervisor, De Nederlandsche Bank, show that their financial position deteriorated in the second quarter of 2019.
Meanwhile, sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), including pension funds, have seen their assets under management increase to $7.45 trillion between March 2017 and March 2018, an increase of about 13 per cent, according to media reports.
The pension funds are operational in trust structure wherein a trust company is the custodian of assets of the fund and fund managers are delegated with the power of making investment decisions.
These funds are managed by10 experienced pension fund managers.The pension funds provide participants with options to invest in securities and commodities.
Currently, there are 19 pension funds of which 10 are Shariah compliant and nine conventional, with total net assets of the voluntary pension fund industry over Rs26 billion, contributed by more than 25,000 participants and run by10 managers.
"So what is clear is there are things pension funds could do to reduce their investment in tobacco companies.
Changes in CSR will affect over 4.6 million insured Bulgarians and over 1.2 million pensioners, as well as 9 pension insurance companies, 9 universal pension funds, 9 professional pension funds, 9 voluntary pension funds and two voluntary pension funds under professional schemes.
Pension funds, he said were by their nature subject to potential conflicts of interest arising between the fund service providers and the ultimate beneficiaries of the funds, therefore adding that it was important that pension funds had a set of internal statutes and external regulations to ensure that they were managed in the best interests of beneficiaries.
Professor Trajko Slaveski suggests reducing the amount of money transferred to the private pension funds. However, Bulent Dervishi, Director of MAPS, the regulatory body of the private pension funds, is strongly against it.
Out of Rs23 billion assets of pension funds, over 15 billion rupees are invested in Sharia-compliant pension funds.
This report shows that the two mandatory pension funds "weighted" a total of 811 million euro by the end of February this year.
Mutual funds' retirement plans will now get the same tax benefits as pension funds
Muscat: Oman government is planning to merge the assets of pension funds in an apparent move to save cost and enhance efficiency, when investing the corpus funds in stock markets.
Chidambaram told the members that the pension funds will be managed safely by the Pension Fund Managers.