pension fund

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a fund reserved to pay workers' pensions when they retire from service

a financial institution that collects regular contributions from employers to provide retirement income for employees

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NIT Islamic Pension Fund - Debt###September 04, 2019###(NIT-IPFDSF)###12.1307
The Government Pension Fund Global, or the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, owns "1.4 per cent of all of the world's listed companies", which comes to 9,158 companies across 73 countries.
The pension funds are operational in trust structure wherein a trust company is the custodian of assets of the fund and fund managers are delegated with the power of making investment decisions.
However, the pension fund managers have been prohibited from charging sales load on subsequent contributions made by a participant whether directly or online.
ISLAMABAD -- The number of private pension funds has been growing with Shariah-compliant ones taking the lead since their introduction in 2007 under the Voluntary Pension System Rules, 2005.
In July, a meeting of the Teesside Pension Fund Committee heard that the fund was 100% funded thanks to the way cash had been invested.
Pension funds, he said were by their nature subject to potential conflicts of interest arising between the fund service providers and the ultimate beneficiaries of the funds, therefore adding that it was important that pension funds had a set of internal statutes and external regulations to ensure that they were managed in the best interests of beneficiaries.
If the money contributed to the private pension funds shrinks, the size of pensions of these funds' contributors will be brought into question because the state-run fund will give them only 30 percent.
These funds are managed by ten pension fund managers who have vast experience of managing pooled investments.
The third pension fund or the voluntary pension fund counts a total of 23,044 members, 9,222 of the insurers are registered in the NLB open voluntary pension fund, and 13,822 of the insurers are members in the KB first open voluntary pension fund.
top officials of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority ( PFRDA).
Does my resignation have any effect on my pension fund?
New Delhi, Sep 6 ( ANI ): The Parliament on Friday passed the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill, 2011, that aims to create a regulator for the sector and allows at least 26 percent FDI.
Consultations with relevant stakeholders on the long overdue implementation of the National Pension Fund are ongoing, the Social Security Commission (SSC) said this week.
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