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thrifty in small matters only

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Who is going to pay for the country's reconstruction - Cameron's penny-wise, pound-foolish government?
The county's budget crisis thus results in penny-wise, pound-foolish choices.
Cuts to community services are penny-wise and pound-foolish," he said.
99) tells how Penny is learning to become penny-wise in the process of throwing a surprise birthday party for her grandma.
Sansevieri serves her audiences well with Penny-wise suggestions on how to build an affordable and effective internet publicity campaign from the ground up.
For instance, it seems penny-wise and pound-foolish to have to import the best fixed-wing firefighting aircraft from both eastern and western Canada.
It is important to not be penny-wise, pound-foolish, and look beyond the initial cost of your investment.
But as tourists worldwide are planning penny-wise summer holidays, many argue that Lebanon's inadequate low-cost tourism infrastructure may be limiting the country's capacity to welcome middle-class tourists.
The HUD press release notes that Donovan told the Senate subcommittee: "Like many federal domestic agencies, FHA has suffered under the penny-wise and pound-foolish priorities of the previous administration.
By constraining acquisition officers, we're being penny-wise and pound-foolish, because you might save a little on human capital costs, but you're losing a lot in terms of cost overruns and other problems in the procurement budget.
Dubai: Freelance butchers have surfaced once again to offer their services to residents who are penny-wise and pound-foolish and have little or no concern for the health risks that they might inflict on their families and colleagues.
If this form of punting is your thing - it's a coin-flip for the penny-wise that regularly throws up discernible value - then you need senseiguide.
The lesson: don't be penny-wise and pound foolish by ignoring those petitions to stay arbitration
The ideological "anti-tax" crowd is utterly penny-wise and pound-foolish.