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an inexpensive fipple flute

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in Lake Wales has published Melodic Messengers, a history of penny whistles in Irish music.
Mr Talent, our music teacher, also teaches the Year 3 and 4 pupils to play the penny whistle.
A metaphorical penny whistle or a metaphorical mouth organ.
For the second number, Chelsea White played fiddle, Jane Parker played penny whistle and piccolo, Derek Weagle played piano, with Aaron Holmberg on the budhan drum and Jeff Stanmyer on the piccolo bass.
The sturdiness of the words calls out for an equally sturdy, rollicking tempo--I can hear fiddle, penny whistle and Celtic-style drum (bodhran) as possible accompaniments.
THIS year's festival features the most trumpeted race for decades and others accompanied only by the sound of a penny whistle.
I also played the clarinet and the penny whistle for a time.
The flute range is moderate with ample suggestions for performance style, and is reminiscent of Irish music per formed on a penny whistle.
Stothers' songs draw on a variety of idioms, from rock and country-western to Renaissance music; a synthesized sound of bagpipes and penny whistle give some of them a Celtic air.
Some definitions are incomplete, notably that of the penny whistle, defined as a "small whistle often played by percussionists," (p.
Carey can hit notes so low they make you think of a tugboat horn, notes as high as the high note of a penny whistle, plus every note in between.
Founder and operator until 1999 of Penny Whistle Toys in New York City, she also wrote eight Penny Whistle books for children.
The project features White on vocals, violin / fiddle and keys, Glenn Farley on backing vocals and guitar, Dale Vandeberg on bass, Robert Switzer on percussion and drums, and multi-instrumentalist Scott Minter on mandolin, mandola and penny whistle.
uk/garden TUESDAY George Galway Saxophonist plus clarinet, flute and penny whistle, part of the ParrJazz series, jazz and open jam session.