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Synonyms for penny

Synonyms for penny

a coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit


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The pair, who also have a threeyear-old daughter called Lela, launched a Crowdfunding campaign to raise the PS1,450 needed for Penny to be fitted with legs splints.
As if I had suddenly discovered a penny on the sidewalk.
Easy,'' the clerk cautioned, "Don't put too many in there, some people come in and raid the penny dish to help pay for a pint.
Presented in the first person the narrative originates with speaker, Penny Falucci, explaining that Me-Me, Penny's grandmother, says heaven is full of fluffy white clouds and angels.
It will be interesting to see who will appear as the brother of Penny and his and Leonard's interaction.
Penny Lane is arguably the most famous lane in the world, thanks to the 1967 double A-side smash hit single.
These days, there's nothing you can buy for a penny.
On considering the big rip-off with decimalisation in 1971 and the present proposal to discontinue the use of the current penny coin, with the rising costs of living and our involvement with the Common Market and Europe, I am wondering when we will be getting rid of the pounds 1 coin too, as it will be worth so little.
Getting rid of the penny and rounding costs to the nearest 5 cents would eliminate these costs.
Made mostly of zinc, each penny now costs nearly two cents to produce.
Ending the penny would put the United States about mid-pack in an international trend.
Penny attempts to joke her way out of panic in supermarkets: "What's next fear of hula hoops?