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Synonyms for penn'orth

the amount that can be bought for a penny


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    A penn'orth of cheese to choke him,
They feel it's their prerogative and right, to write detrimental things about schools and members of staff and by doing so they get the sheep that follow and add their two penn'orth in even though they haven't a clue to what has gone on and much prefer to join in the slating whether it is true or not, they just make it up as they go along, and only believe what they want to, they don't care about the truth gossip and hearsay is far more exciting, it's very sad that their lives must be so boring, dull and unfulfilling that they get some sort of kick from doing this sort of thing, I do pity them.
Can I throw in my two penn'orth by suggesting that we consider this majority (51%/49%) in a slightly different light?
I'll be helping Al in the kitchen, putting in my two penn'orth - I always think I know what I'm talking about but actually I don't, so she'll tell me I'm wrong.
GEORGE MICHAEL AT THE PALAIS GARNIER, PARIS BBC1, 10.35pm There's been much hype about George Michael's comeback, with anyone who's anyone putting in their two penn'orth about his latest album Symphonica.
Man was always needing, "Two penn'orth of God help me."
And no, before any Freudians reading this stick their two penn'orth in, I have absolutely no idea what she was referring to.
Granted, said comparisons have come from the observations of Eddie Izzard himself (not that he's ever been one to blow his own trumpet), but we can only reserve judgement and put in our two penn'orth after catching the first episode of this two-parter.
Recently the Welsh Federation of Fishermen's Associations waded in with their own ten penn'orth. And if anybody knows anything about it, it'll be these old salts of the high seas.
He says a few things and I would like to add my two penn'orth if possible.
Recalling Bligh's administration, a poor settler said to John Dunmore Lang: 'Them were the days, sir, for the poor settler: he had only to tell the Governor what he wanted, and he was sure to get it from the Stores; whatever it was, sir, from a needle to an anchor, from a penn'orth o' packthread to a ship's cable.' J.D.
Two Penn'orth Of Sky by Katie Flynn Published by Arrow
There was no attempt to relate this experience to the architecture of the seven in any systematic way and Muthesius has to fall back on anecdote -- to which I can add my penn'orth. Attempting to explain the relative tranquillity at York an academic told me, 'However angry you get indoors it's very difficult to keep it up when you go outside to a world of trees, grass, water and ducks'.
Fair comment, Christine...glad you put in your ten penn'orth!
Well I would like to throw my own two penn'orth into the ring and say that I truly believe that the X70 service serving the Bromford, Castle Bromwich and Coleshill areas has to be one of the worst bus services to hit the Castle Bromwich area, if not the whole city!