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beautiful handwriting

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Eastern philosophy, Western penmanship and modern street sensibility collide at the new exhibition of Taiwanese graffiti artist Creepy Mouse.
Some experts said that any signature in a Bible, no matter the penmanship, would be frowned upon.
In the recently published book, Zaghloul's penmanship reaches readers by recounting the details of his return from exile from the Seychelles.
I often hear teachers complain that checking papers gives them a headache because this generation of students have awful penmanship, for which teachers blame cell phones and texting.
The article also mentions AI image recognition to read handwritten prescriptions, but given the penmanship of the average doctor, I think that's still a few years off...
Summary: In the historic quarter of this emirate's capital city squats a square honoring penmanship. Facing Calligraphy Square is an ensemble of historic-looking single-story structures, part of a warren of contemporary art exhibition spaces renovated older rooms and state-of-the-art halls designed to conform to the old-town ambience of the place owned and operated by the Sharjah Art Foundation.
Markle's former headmistress Christine Knudsen revealed earlier this year in a documentary that the Duchess of Sussex has always had good penmanship even as a young girl.
Now the signature -- the crown jewel of penmanship -- is headed for the same ash heap.
His innovations are reflected in his characters, his penmanship, and his brush.
"An intense culture shock will be felt, a time in which the tectonic plates will be rubbing up against one another in ways that often make law school a jarring experience." This is when your professor in Persons and Family Relations will ask you to make a digest of 200 cases in your own penmanship, which he will compare with your penmanship in the midterm and final exams, to make sure your boyfriend didn't do the digests for you.
Calm Calligraphy is 'the first book of its kind', bringing together mindfulness with the trend for squiggly penmanship. Learn how to silence stress by forming calligraphy-style letters, before moving on to empowering words and calming phrases.
3- Fine arts: drawing, sculpture, photography, penmanship, and graffiti.
He learnt the traditional art of penmanship and Arabic calligraphy in Egypt for several years and is known for developing his own calligraphic script styles and innovating with Arabic typography.
The Easy Original pen is not only snazzy and spaceaged, it's also perfect for helping young children learning penmanship. There are a range of colours and the specially contoured design is available for both lefties and righties.
"I went to Catholic school where penmanship was very important," he added.