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informal terms for journalists

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Penman later told South Wales Police he had been given pounds 250 for each car, which then found their way into the general motor trade for sale.
Penman, displays, especially in his articles on Tarantino and Frank Zappa, a willingness to take pot-shots at cultural sacred cows.
However Penman stood shocked as a judge jailed him for 16 months at Newcastle Crown Court.
TOP TRIP: Gareth Penman (left) and colleague Evan Boyle at the Taj Mahal
Mrs Penman, 54, and her 57-year-old husband have run a florist's business from their 12-acre smallholding since 1994, selling flowers from a stall in Morpeth and a shop, Flowers in the City, in Newcastle.
Now Mr Penman, who manages one of the largest privately-owned game fishing lakes in the region, and who has founded the first ``accelerated growth'' trout fish farm in Wales, now claims the council is forcing him back into farming.
Penman has criticized the school board over its decision to close Fox Ridge Elementary School, which her children attend.
Veteran Mitchell was replaced by Scotland Under 13 No 1 Kyle Penman for the final but the Richardson and Starling sponsored side immediately found themselves behind after Jon lost in five and young Kyle lost in straight sets to the Scotland under-15 No 3.
"Penman's victims were among the most vulnerable young people and he left them too scared to speak up.
Penman's report said: "The Sunday Mail's coverage has been helpful in raising public awareness and prompting a reinvestigation into the murder of Emma Caldwell."
The band one singles was won by Penman, who reached the final after a struggle against Stephens.
Mr Quinn died on September 25 after receiving a stab wound to the chest at a house in Penman Crescent, Halewood.
An enforcement notice has been served by Denbighshire Council on David Penman to remove his twin-unit caravan overlooking Llyn Cyfynwy on the moors above Llandegla.
Penman says: There are measures in place to deal with exactly this sort of eventuality.
Now Stewart Penman is demanding his men claim a double dose of silverware.