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a small flashlight resembling a fountain pen

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I always use a small penlight to aid my vision, so I noticed the case in the middle of the tray was double-charged (13.5 grains!).
Currently riding in my coat chest pocket is the Brite-Strike EPLI 160-lumen penlight. It is more than bright enough for my needs and so skinny and light I forget it's there.
It's a slim 5.125" penlight, made of high-grade aircraft aluminum with a graphite anodized finish.
A penlight we did like was the $29.95 Terralux Lightstar 80.
Equipment used for the tasks included a 2 by 6 by 24 inch wooden board, a 3 foot length of PVC pipe, an 8 inch step, a penlight, 2 rectangular hardcover textbooks weighing a total of 12 pounds, a tape measure, and a plinth.
Use a penlight or flashlight to aid in distinguishing color changes.
Asher Kravitz and Michal Kessler (translator); THE JEWISH DOG; Penlight Publications (Fiction: Historical) 19.95 ISBN: 9780983868538
A penlight exam was performed followed by fluorescein stain with slit lamp bio-microscopy to detect corneal lesions.
ever claim to have guided "twenty Brazilian evangelists with a penlight from a jungle bus crash" or chased "rhinoceros horn smugglers after being deputized and armed with a pistol in Namibia"?
penlight: how frail the court poet's neck, how small this poetry
(8) ise uc farkli obje (akomodatif obje (tek 20/30 harf), isik (penlight), ve kirmizi/yesil gozluk takarken isik ile) kullanarak olctukleri konverjansin yakin kirilma noktasi degerlerinde istatistiksel olarak anlamli farklilik bulduklarini ama bu farkin ihmal edilebilecek bir deger oldugunu bildirmislerdir (1 cm'den kucuk).
"After all," Emma explained, "you don't want a solar car that, when it gets dark out, you can't drive it." A couple of rechargeable penlight batteries and one small diode later, the "Black Death" was moving under its own stored solar energy.
The clinical periodontal examination was con- ducted in the charity and hospital after seating the study subject in an ordinary chair using penlight, gloves, masks, wrapped and sterilized mouth mirrors, explorers and periodontal probes.
When I study my star atlas I put on reading glasses and, with magnifier in one hand and red penlight in the other, focus on just the portion of the chart I require.